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IGI diamond ID report
Labs Launch Credit Card-Sized Grading Reports
HRD Antwerp and the International Gemological Institute(IGI) have both released credit card-sized diamond reports, aiming to makegrading more efficient for traders. The two Antwerp-based laboratories unveiled the polished-diamondidentity cards this week,...
Polished Markets Oct 26, 2017 Joshua Freedman
AGS Launches Upgraded Visual Diamond Report
The American Gem Society (AGS) introduced a tool thatenables diamond suppliers and retailers to show a stone’s specifications in an interactiveelectronic format.The ‘Only My Diamond’ platform, an upgrade to the AGSDiamond Quality report, allows an enhanced set of visuals and...
Polished Markets Jan 09, 2017 Rapaport News
Peter Macken HRD Antwerp
HRD Changes Name of Grading Reports
HRD Antwerp rebranded its grading certificates as DiamondGrading and Jewelry Reports because of the legal connotations of the term‘certificate’ and to comply with common global terminology.The new-look reports – previously the Natural DiamondCertificate – will hit...
Polished Markets Sep 15, 2016 Rapaport News
IGI Launches Radio Ad Campaign
TheInternational Gemological Institute (IGI) will target millennials in a seriesof radio commercials on the importance of reliable diamond reports.Theadvertisements will feature in five radio spots in select markets fromSeptember 6 to the end of the year on iHeartMedia, which reaches...
Marketing Aug 30, 2016 Rapaport News
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