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Alrosa to Sell 51ct. Polished Stone Online

Diamond is one of five named for dynasties that drove Russia’s jewelry industry.
Aug 2, 2017 10:39 AM   By Rapaport News
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Alrosa will auction a 51.38-carat polished diamond online as part of a program to build up its cutting business for high-end stones, the miner said Tuesday.

The round brilliant-cut, D-color, VVS1-clarity, triple Ex stone is the most expensive diamond that Russian manufacturers have cut in the country’s history, according to Alrosa.

The Dynasty, which has 57 facets, is the centerpiece in a collection of the same name consisting of five diamonds that Alrosa produced at its cutting and polishing facilities. All five stones — which the miner will offer in an online auction in November — originated from the same 179-carat rough, called The Romanovs, which the miner recovered from the Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe in Yakutia in 2015.

The company named the diamonds in the collection after Russian dynasties that played a major role in developing the Russian jewelry industry; the other four stones are called The Shremetevs, The Orlovs, The Vorontsovs and The Yusupovs, weighing 16.67 carats, 5.05 carats, 1.73 carats and 1.39 carats respectively.

The move comes after the appointment of Pavel Vinikhin last month as director of Diamonds Alrosa, the company’s cutting division. His job includes developing a marketing strategy to increase the business’s sales and profits.

The Dynasty stone “gives a start to a new stage in the development of Alrosa’s cutting division that will actively develop polishing of extra-large and colored diamonds,” Vinikhin said. “The Dynasty demonstrated that we can do it at the highest level.”

Alrosa aims to combine modern cutting technologies with the secrets of jewelers from the Russian imperial court, he said.

“We expect that the revival of their traditions will be a worthy contribution to the promotion of Russian jewelry stones’ brand in the global market,” Vinikhin added.
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