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French Gem Group to Hold Diamond Symposium

Event comes at time of industry challenges, notes AFG president Didier Giard.
Jul 23, 2019 7:38 AM   By Rapaport News
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RAPAPORT... The French Association of Gemmology (AFG) will hold a conference in Paris on the state of the diamond industry, it said Monday.

The 18th Paris Gemmological Rendez Vous — which will take place on September 9 — will cover topics including diamond mining, the current state of the market, colored diamonds, and the gemological and historical aspects of natural diamonds. Martin Rapaport, Chairman of Rapaport Group, will be a speaker at the event.

“This year’s symposium will be taking a comprehensive look at diamonds,” said AFG president Didier Giard, referencing the many challenges the natural-diamond industry faces, including synthetics and a volatile international market. “[Our speakers] will be giving us their considered views, backed by years of experience, on the diamond industry, from many different angles.”

Speakers at the event will be:

Alan Bronstein, president of the Natural Color Diamond Association
Aurélien Delaunay, director of the French Laboratory of Gemmology
Richard Duffy, CEO of Petra Diamonds
David Fisher, principal scientist, De Beers Technology
Stephane Fischler, president of the World Diamond Council
Peter Karakchiev, head of the international relations department at Alrosa
Jim Pounds, executive vice president of diamonds at Dominion Diamond Mines
Martin Rapaport, Chairman, Rapaport Group
Eddy Vleeschdraeger, director at the Scientific and Technical Research Center for Diamond, and author of Hardness 10
Feriel Zerouki, senior vice president of international relations and ethical initiatives for De Beers

Image: Didier Giard. (AFG)
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