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McCullough Calls Moissanite Engagement Ring Trend 'Brilliant'

Oct 15, 2013 3:00 PM   By Jeff Miller
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RAPAPORT... Charles & Colvard Ltd. tells consumers they can buy more ''bling for the buck'' and make a powerful statement with moissanite. The company's latest campaign ahead of Christmastime tells shoppers ''every woman can have the ring she wants -- without starting her marriage in debt.''

Randall M. McCullough, the CEO of Charles & Colvard, explained that ''marketing campaigns'' led to the belief that three months of a man's income must be budgeted for the cost of an engagement ring. "Basically, it created a subtle standard -- or maybe a not-so-subtle one -- so that men would feel an obligation to spend more money on engagement rings," he said.

Charles & Colvard tells men they can find the perfect ring, with a moissanite stone rather than diamonds, have a near-colorless man-created gem that is distinct, offers exceptional fire, brilliance, luster, durability and rarity at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

"People today are much more conscious of the value of their money," said McCullough. "They are much more educated, they do more research, they are more savvy. If they can get the same quality for less, they do. Consumers today are just smarter. On our website Moissanite.com and through certified retailers, moissanite engagement ring purchases signal an increasing trend. Couples are getting more bling for the buck -- and that's just brilliant."


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