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Sarine to Track Alrosa Rough from Mine to Market

Program will record each diamond’s journey through scanning, planning and polishing stages.
Aug 26, 2020 7:39 AM   By Rapaport News
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Sarine Technologies will trace Alrosa’s rough diamonds from the mine through each point of their journey using technology already in play in the manufacturing sector.

“[The system] enables tracking diamonds originating from Alrosa, however traded and polished by multiple midstream entities,” Sarine said last week. “It leverages Sarine’s extensive installed base of technological solutions integrated into the polishing midstream.”

Alrosa will scan the diamonds when it mines them, using Sarine’s platform, creating a “birth certificate” for each rough stone that will be used as the initial reference for its provenance. Once the diamond is sold, it will be tracked by Sarine’s manufacturing equipment used by the midstream. That will enable the company to collect real-time data relating to the scanning, planning and polishing phases, and provide images and data for the final polished stone.

Once the tracking process is complete, the company will issue a Sarine Diamond Journey report containing all of the stone’s details.

“We are confident that the synergy created by the cooperation between diamond producers and Sarine’s…technology and infrastructure will expedite the adoption of traceable and sustainably sourced diamonds to the many interested retailers seeking a solution for their own internal control needs, as well as for ever-more demanding consumers,” said Sarine CEO David Block.

Image: Sarine’s technology lab in Israel. (Sarine Technologies)
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