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DPA Seeks to Eradicate Diamond Misconceptions

Organization’s new campaign wants to educate millennial consumers about the industry.
Aug 19, 2019 7:15 AM   By Rapaport News
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RAPAPORT... The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has released a campaign that aims to challenge misconceptions about diamond mining in an effort to capture millennial consumers.

“The goal is to convey some of the key facts and truths about natural diamonds in a compelling, cinematic way that will engage viewers,” a DPA spokesperson told Rapaport News last week.

The video, called Essential Diamond Truths, provides facts about the industry, including how diamonds are formed, why they are considered rare, and their socioeconomic value. The campaign also tackles the Kimberley Process and conflict diamonds, as well as the environmental footprint associated with natural diamonds.

“There are many outdated misconceptions about the diamond industry, and we wanted to present these essential diamond truths, many of which consumers are unaware of, in a fresh, elevated way to capture the attention of our core target audience, millennial consumers,” the spokesperson explained.

The DPA has published the content on its social-media channels, and is also making it available to retailers and the diamond trade. It intends to continue using this artistic style for its upcoming campaigns.

“We’ll continue to tell the diamond story in a similar…way going forward,” the spokesperson added. “We’ve received great feedback on this particular piece of content.”

Image: A still from the new DPA campaign. (Diamond Producers Association)
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