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June 08 2020

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RapNet Offers Jewelry Trading to the Industry

May 19, 2019 9:52 AM   By Rapaport
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RAPNET PRESS RELEASE, May 19, 2019, Las Vegas … RapNet, the world’s largest marketplace for diamonds and jewelry, is releasing its new jewelry trading platform to the industry. Following extremely positive reactions when RapNet introduced its new jewelry marketplace to members in January this year, the platform is now making jewelry trading available to the wider industry. 

Retail jewelers and dealers can now join RapNet to upload jewelry images and data, perform detailed searches, and directly trade jewelry with each other without any listing fees or commissions. 

The addition of jewelry on RapNet is expected to significantly expand the trading network’s membership and reach into the global jewelry trade. In addition to its listings of over 1.5 million diamonds valued at more than $7.4 billion, RapNet also has over 16,000 fine jewelry pieces, including rings, bracelets and watches. 

A 7-day free trial of RapNet jewelry is available to members of the trade by visiting www.rapnet.com/jewelry-trial.

To learn more about RapNet jewelry visit www.RapNet.com/jewelry or email service@diamonds.net.

Media Contacts:

US: Sherri Hendricks +1 702-893-9400
India: Prashant Bhojani +91-22-6628-6500
International: Elinor Shalev +972-3-729-0901

About RapNet: RapNet, a member of the Rapaport Group of Companies was established in 1992. It is the world’s largest diamond and jewelry trading network, daily listing over 1.5 million diamonds valued at more than $7.4 billion and hosting members in 97 countries. RapNet provides a competitive and transparent peer-to-peer trading network with no commission charges. Additional information is available at www.RapNet.com.

Image: RapNet jewelry viewed in the RapNet mobile app. (RapNet)
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