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Rapaport TradeWire June 4, 2010

Trading centers stable. Better quality 3 ct. certs very hot. 2 ct. strong. 1 ct. stable.
Jun 3, 2010 6:00 PM   By Rapaport
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  Rapaport TradeWire  
Rapaport TradeWire
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | JUNE 4, 2010   www.rapaport.com | news@rapaport.com
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RapUp June 4, 2010

All eyes on Vegas show with high hopes and modest expectations. Trading centers stable. Better quality 3 ct. certs very hot. 2 ct. strong. 1 ct. stable.  ALROSA sells $335m of rough in May. Harry Winston 1Q sales +4% to $114m, net loss of $8.7m, from $45m loss last year. Christie’s Hong Kong sells $60.4m (89% by lot) with heart-shaped, 5.01 ct, fancy vivid blue, VS2 diamond bringing $4.7m ($498,000/ct). Gitanjali Gems FY10 sales +28% to $1.5b, net profit +33% to $45m. Shrenuj FY10 sales +29% to $424m, net profit +124% to $11m. Hong Kong 1Q polished imports +36% to $2.9b, polished exports +24% to $2.2b. Japan’s April polished imports +15% to $53.1m. Civil society calls on Kimberley Process to suspend Marange monitoring after Zimbabwe police raid NGO offices.

RapNet Data: June 3, 2010
Diamonds 684,713
Value $4,424,071,926
Carats 771,133
Average Discount -30.91%
RapNet Asking Price

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Rapaport Polished Diamond Auction
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Buyers: For appointment and bidder registration Email: auctions@diamonds.net  Tel: +1-212-354-9800.

Rapaport Breakfast and Conference Schedule
New Date - Sunday, June 6
Marcello Ballroom
Venetian Hotel, Level 4

Rapaport Breakfast 8 a.m. - 10 a.m.

Martin Rapaport keynote address:
"The Diamond Decade: New Opportunities"

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Join an open debate on the rapidly expanding wave of socially responsible jewelers who are promoting a fair and more ethical industry. 

The Rapaport Conference is free and open to all.
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  The lesson [from flat retail sales in April] is that relatively strong retail sales numbers [from March] do not guarantee robust consumption.

Ian Shepherdson | High Frequency Economics

The Rapaport Group is growing rapidly. If you want to work with the best and brightest, join us. We have great opportunities for trading managers, gemologists, sales assistants, and entry level positions for our offices in New York, Antwerp, Mumbai, Dubai, and Shanghai. To get on the fast track, email your resume to careers@rapaport.com. Visit us at the JCK Show Booth 3080.

South African Workers Protest De Beers Retrenchment

South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) vowed to “take De Beers to the cleaners” over looming retrenchments at the diamond giant’s Finsch mine. De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) announced in May that it intends to retrench approximately 350 Finsch workers because the company anticipates continued losses at the mine. NUM called on De Beers to revisit its strategy and reverse its decision.

In separate news, DBCM and NUM settled their wage dispute, agreeing that the minimum basic wage will rise from $655 (ZAR 5,000) to $720 (ZAR 5,500) a month, the starting level for A-category jobs at the company. Under the agreement, A- and B-level employees will receive a 10 percent pay increase, while C-level employees will receive a 9.5 percent rise. The settlement impacts 1,587 employees across De Beers five South African mines.

Zimbabwe Police Raid NGO

Zimbabwe police raided the offices of the Centre for Research and Development, confiscating its director's, Farai Maguwu, computer, his work documents and his car and arresting his brother. The raid proceeded both Maguwu's meeting with the country's Kimberley Process (KP) monitor, Abbey Chikane, and CRD’s announcement that 2,000 carats per day were being smuggled from the Marange fields.

In response, the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition called on the KP chair, Boaz Hirsch, to demand the release of Maguwu’s family member and return his possessions; publicly condemn the actions of the Zimbabwean authorities; and suspend the KP's monitoring arrangement until the authorities can assure that people who meet with the monitor will not be harassed or persecuted.

Additional reports indicated that human remains had been discovered in the Marange fields and were attributed to the military operation conducted there in late 2008, during which approximately 214 people were killed.

Rapaport Weekly Broadcast

WATCH NOW: The week was a busy one in Zimbabwe, tune in to hear a summary of the latest developments. Retail sales across the U.S. did remain positive this week compared with one year ago. Government figures for the previous month though found that sales were flat and that consumers increased their savings. Luxury group Richemont noted that its greatest sales decline during its fiscal year was from the Americas. Extell's International Gem Tower was designated foreign trade zone status this week.

U.S. Jewelry Spending +6% in May

Consumer spending on jewelry increased 6.4 percent in May with independent jewelers enjoying the strongest gains, according to MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse.

The report, which is based on aggregate sales activity in the MasterCard payments network and survey-based estimates for certain other payment forms, showed that luxury sales grew 9.7 percent in May, although growth was not as strong as seen in the preceding months. Online sales rose 13.7 percent.

Weaker categories included apparel, which registered a decline of 3.7 percent, and electronics and appliances with sales down 0.7 percent.

U.S. Chain Store Sales +3% in May

U.S. chain store sales rose 2.6 percent year-over-year in May, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). The group expects June sales to increase 3 percent. Most of the big-box U.S. retailers registered growth during May, year on year.

Luxury retailer Saks sales rose 6.9 percent to $177.4 million while comparable store sales increased 5.8 percent. Neiman Marcus revenues rose 8.8 percent to $267 million and comparable store revenues grew 7.8 percent. Department store sales at J. C. Penney Company fell 2.1 percent to $1.23 billion with comparable store sales down 1.8 percent. Macy's sales rose 2.6 percent to $1.79 billion and same-store sales grew 1.4 percent in May.

Nordstrom sales grew 7.8 percent to $705 million while same store sales rose 3.7 percent. Sales at Dillard's dropped 1 percent to $426.5 million and comparable stores were unchanged. Kohl’s Corporation sales increased 6.6 percent to $1.34 billion.

U.S. Consumer Spending Flat for April

Consumer spending in the U.S. was flat during April 2010, following the slight 0.6 percent increase posted in March, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). April's reading was the weakest to be posted since September 2009. Personal incomes rose just 0.4 percent year over year for the month, while the savings rate gained by 3.6 percent, up from 3.1 percent in March, to $398.5 billion as consumers held fast to their money.

An independent Gallup survey reflected slightly better news on spending, based on a daily, 14-day, rolling average it compiled for April. This survey found that consumers spent mainly within the range of $61 to $69 per day, whereas one year ago, that range fell between $56 to $63.

Royal Asscher Taps Ahluwalia for Stars of Africa

Toronto jewelry designer Reena Ahluwalia partnered with Royal Asscher to complete the iconic brand's Stars of Africa by Royal Asscher® collection by designing necklaces, pendants and earrings. The Asscher family and Ahluwalia worked together to create five new pieces of jewelry to complement the Stars of Africa's half-dome, floating diamond ring, which was first unveiled more than one year ago.

The jewelry utilized for this piece includes full-diamond globes encircled by orbit-like elements. These orbits are said to symbolize education, healthcare and empowerment, all of which are essential components of the Star of Africa initiative, which was launched in 2008 to improve African infrastructure in these areas. The initiative partnered with the Diamond Empowerment Fund® (D.E.F.) in 2009, with Royal Asscher guaranteeing a minimum donation of $50,000 that will contribute to the group's scholar program.

Shrenuj & Co.'s Sales +29%

Shrenuj & Co. reported that its sales rose by 29 percent year over year to $423.9 million for the fourth quarter that ended on March 31,2010, while its profits gained by 124 percent to total $10.9 million and its expenses rose 29 percent to $392.6 million. The company's diamond sales were up 43 percent year over year to $305.1 million and its jewelry sales declined by 1 percent to $114.1 million.

In the current fiscal year, Shrenuj will focus on expanding its retail segment in India through its Diti brand and plans to open 100 points of sale across India. The company aims to generate 50 percent of its revenue from jewelry, franchising and retail division by 2015 and recently opened a diamond-cutting facility in Botswana, with plans to establish a jewelry manufacturing plant in the country later in the year.

Gitanjali's Fiscal-Year Sales +28%

Gitanjali Gems reported that its sales rose by 28 percent year over year to $1.46 billion for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2010, while its profits increased by 33 percent year over year to $44.9 million and its expenses grew 27 percent to $1.4 billion during the quarter. The country's diamond sales increased by 17 percent to $717.2 million on an annual basis as its jewelry sales jumped 34 percent to $814.9 million. Other sales, including Gitanjali's lifestyle retail unit sales, rose sixfold to $1.8 million, while its intersegment sales fell 11 percent to $69.8 million. Of Gitanjali's total sales, 40 percent were made in India, with the remaining 60 percent transacted across the rest of the world.

Asian Star's Profits -35%

Asian Star reported that its sales for the fourth quarter that ended on March 31, 2010 were flat against last year at $329 million and that its profits fell 35 percent year over year to $6.8 million. The company's expenses grew 2 percent year over year to $315.2 million. Asian Star's diamond sales rose 7 percent compared with last year to $309 million, while its jewelry sales fell 34 percent to $29.6 million. Intersegment sales grew 67 percent year over year to $11.2 million.

Classic Diamonds Fiscal-Year Sales -4%

Classic Diamonds reported that its fiscal-year sales decreased by 4 percent year over year to $146.2 million, while its profits grew by 388 percent to $3.9 million. Diamond revenues increased just 1 percent on an annual basis to $110.8 million, with profits up 9 percent to $6.8 million. The company's jewelry revenues dropped 15.4 percent year over year to $36 million as the unit's profits climbed 232 percent to $4 million.

Christie's Jewels Sale Fetches $60M in Hong Kong

Christie's Hong Kong Sale realized $60.4 million and was 89 percent sold by lot. The top lot of the sale was a magnificent, single-strand jadeite bead necklace, which was sold to a private Asian buyer for $7.3 million. Other top lots included a 49.61-carat Kashmir sapphire and a diamond bracelet, circa 1960, by Cartier, which sold for $7 million, setting a global auction record for a bracelet. Another 17.45-carat Kashmir sapphire sold for $1.7 million.

A heart-shaped, fancy vivid blue, 5.01-carat, VS2, diamond garnered $935,000 per carat and was sold to a private Asian buyer for $4.7 million, while a pair of fancy, deep blue, heart-shaped diamonds weighing 2.48 carats and 2.03 carats, suspending a pair of 10.12-carat and 9.64-carat, pear-shaped diamonds, sold for $4.4 million. 

Finlay's Cumulative Loss Totals $100M

In filing its monthly financial report to U.S. bankruptcy court, Finlay Enterprises reported that its April accounts receivable totaled $1.3 million from Gottschalks and that its merchandise sales came to $80,000. The company's available cash at the end of the month totaled $83.2 million, down from $86.2 million at the beginning of the month. Overall for the month, Finlay posted a net loss of $2.4 million and since filing Chapter 11 in August 2009, its cumulative loss has totaled $100.1 million. As of May 1, company assets and liabilities stood at $100.1 million, down from $287.3 million in August. Finlay's pre-petition liabilities were $1.4 million, compared with $34.5 million in August, and its current unpaid debts totaled $6.5 million.

Myanmar Schedules Gem Emporium

Myanmar will hold a special gems emporium in the former capital city of Yangon later this month to encourage national gem traders to sell more quality gems, jade pearl and jewelry, according to the Central Committee for Holding Myanmar Gems Emporium. The 13-day gem show will take place at the Myanmar Convention Center (MCC) from June 25 to July 7 on the basis of competitive bidding. A raw jade stone touted as the world's second-largest, with a weight of 155 tons, will also be displayed at the emporium.

The government's Central Statistical Organization (CSO) revealed that during the 2008 to 2009 fiscal year, Myanmar produced 32,921 tons of jade and 18,728 million carats of gems, a category that includes ruby, sapphire, spinel and peridot, as well as 754 kilograms of pearl.

Hong Kong's Polished Diamond Imports +36%

Hong Kong’s polished diamond imports rose 36 percent year over year to $2.94 billion in the first quarter of 2010 that ended on March 31, 2010, the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong reported. By volume, the country's polished imports grew 10 percent year on year to 5.978 million carats as their average price increased 24 by percent to $448.37 per carat.

Polished exports climbed 24 percent year over year to $2.17 billion as Hong Kong’s net polished imports rose 85 percent to $775.3 million. Rough imports grew 57 percent year on year to $253.4 million, with imports up 39 percent by volume to $3.4 billion. The average price of rough imports increased by 13 percent year over year to $74.6 million.

Rough exports rose 27 percent year over year during the first quarter as net rough imports improved to $41.7 million. In contrast, exports exceeded imports by $5.3 million in the same period of 2009. 
Hong Kong’s net diamond account jumped 97 percent year over year to total $817 million for the quarter.

IGE Ramps up Angola Diamond Production

IGE Resources is ramping up production at its Cassanguidi diamond mine in Angola and expects to achieve output of 5,000 carats a day by the third quarter. The Swedish company said that for the past three weeks, its operations were configured to run without interruption, raising daily output, although additional equipment is required to bring the mine to full capacity. This equipment is expected to be shipped from South Africa to Angola in June and to be commissioned the following month.

IGE conducted its first diamond sale from Cassanguidi in April, achieving an average price of $162 per carat, and estimates that the mine holds 1.3 million carats of diamonds with a gross value of $215 million, based on current prices.

Rockwell Diamonds Posts $7M Loss

Rockwell Diamonds posted a fiscal-year loss of $6.7 million as the impact of the recession lingered, but said it is going ahead with expansion plans as the diamond markets recover. The company's sales fell 13 percent year over year to $28.3 million. Rockwell ended the year with a cash balance of $2.4 million. 

Rio Tinto Begins $300M Zimbabwe Expansion

Rio Tinto has started work on a $300 million expansion program at its Murowa diamond mine in Zimbabwe. The company is hoping the project will help raise its production sixfold from its current level. The program is expected to push the mine’s annual capacity to 1.8 million carats of predominantly gem-quality diamonds. Production at the mine fell 53 percent year over year to 124,422 carats in 2009. Murowa has commissioned a review of the related expansion feasibility study, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The project will likely take effect in the medium term.

Harry Winston Cuts its Diamond Losses

Harry Winston Diamond Corporation's sales rose 4 percent to $114 million in the first quarter that ended on April 30, 2010, while its net loss improved to $8.7 million against the loss of $45.1 million it posted a year earlier. The company's retail sales increased by 25 percent year over year to $65.1 million, while earnings from its retail operations rose to $1.4 million, compared with a loss of $5 million for the previous year.

The company’s rough sales fell 15 percent to $48.9 million, and reported an operations loss of $72,000 against the loss of $5.1 million it posted one year earlier.

ALROSA Sales Total $335M

ALROSA sold $335 million worth of rough diamonds in May bringing its total sales for first five months of the year to about $1.3 billion. The company posted a profit of $252 million for the period January through April. The rise in profits allowed the Russian diamond miner to revise its target short term debt for the end of the year to $3.5 billion, from a previous stated goal of $3.7 billion. ALROSA sold $31 million worth of large diamonds weighing 10.8 carats or more at an auction held on May 28.

For the week ending June 3, 2010:

  Jun. 3 May. 27 Chng.  
$1 = Euro 0.823 0.811 0.012  
$1 = Rupee 46.74 46.67 0.1  
$1 = Israel Shekel 3.84 3.85 -0.01  
$1 = Rand 7.69 7.56 0.13  
$1 = Canadian Dollar 1.04 1.05 -0.01  
Precious Metals        
Gold $1,205.50 $1,210.70 -$5.20  
Platinum $1,543.00 $1,563.00 -$20.00  
Stock Indexes       Chng.
BSE 17,022.33 16,666.40 355.93 2.1%
Dow Jones 10,255.28 10,259.06 -3.78 0.0%
FTSE 5,211.18 5,195.17 16.01 0.3%
Hang Seng 19,786.71 19,431.37 355.34 1.8%
S&P 500 1,102.83 1,103.08 -0.25 0.0%
Yahoo! Jewelry 890.92 921.52 -30.60 -3.3%
Birks & Mayors $1.45 $1.16 $0.29 25.0%
Blue Nile $48.20 $48.53 -$0.33 -0.7%
Charles & Colvard $3.04 $2.47 $0.57 23.1%
DGSE Companies $2.77 $2.70 $0.07 2.6%
Fuqi Intl. $9.05 $9.24 -$0.19 -2.1%
JCPenney $27.07 $27.67 -$0.60 -2.2%
Kohl's $52.10 $50.30 $1.80 3.6%
LJ Intl. $2.95 $2.82 $0.13 4.6%
Macy's $22.49 $21.96 $0.53 2.4%
Man Sang $2.05 $2.05 $0.00 0.0%
Movado Group $12.23 $12.81 -$0.58 -4.5%
Nordstrom $38.52 $39.82 -$1.30 -3.3%
Saks $9.14 $9.09 $0.05 0.6%
Signet $31.56 $31.40 $0.16 0.5%
Sotheby's $32.45 $32.52 -$0.07 -0.2%
Tiffany $44.49 $46.72 -$2.23 -4.8%
Walmart $51.72 $50.51 $1.21 2.4%
Zale $2.55 $2.64 -$0.09 -3.4%
Bulgari €6.27 €6.12 €0.15 2.5%
Bijou Brigitte €116.80 €119.65 -€2.85 -2.4%
Damiani €0.84 €0.84 €0.00 0.0%
LVMH €89.09 €86.87 €2.22 2.6%
PPR €100.25 €96.15 €4.10 4.3%
Richemont CHF 39.74 CHF 38.83 CHF 0.91 2.3%
Swatch Group CHF 313.50 CHF 307.10 CHF 6.40 2.1%
Theo Fennell (pence) 32.00 32.00 0.00 0.0%
INDIA (rupee)        
Classic Diamond 19.55 19.15 0.40 2.1%
Gitanjali Gems 115.05 94.55 20.50 21.7%
Goldiam Intl. 45.00 44.95 0.05 0.1%
Rajesh Exports 90.05 94.95 -4.90 -5.2%
Ren. Jewellery 85.45 86.30 -0.85 -1.0%
Su-Raj Diamonds 49.75 48.10 1.65 3.4%
Titan 2,214.35 2,180.30 34.05 1.6%
Zodiac JRD 28.10 27.00 1.10 4.1%
Suashish Diamonds 173.00 183.85 -10.85 -5.9%
Michael Hill NZD 0.70 NZD 0.71 -NZD 0.01 -1.4%
Harry Winston CAD 13.50 CAD 13.24 CAD 0.26 2.0%
Lucara Diamond CAD 0.87 CAD 0.80 CAD 0.07 8.7%
Mountain Province CAD 2.36 CAD 2.42 -CAD 0.06 -2.5%
Peregrine Diamonds CAD 2.05 CAD 2.10 -CAD 0.05 -2.4%
Rockwell Diamonds CAD 0.07 CAD 0.07 CAD 0.00 0.0%
Shore Gold CAD 0.77 CAD 0.79 -CAD 0.02 -2.5%
Stornoway Diamond CAD 0.52 CAD 0.53 -CAD 0.01 -1.9%
True North Gems CAD 0.08 CAD 0.08 CAD 0.00 0.0%
UK (pence)        
African Diamonds 31.55 31.55 0.0 0.0%
Anglo American 2,605.00 2,666.90 -61.9 -2.3%
BHP Billiton 1,839.50 1,922.95 -83.5 -4.3%
Firestone Diamonds 37.50 37.00 0.5 1.4%
Gem Diamonds 230.50 230.80 -0.3 -0.1%
Gemfields 4.78 4.78 0.0 0.0%
Mwana Africa 9.30 8.25 1.1 12.7%
Namakwa Diamonds 40.25 40.00 0.3 0.6%
Petra Diamonds 68.50 66.75 1.8 2.6%
Rio Tinto plc 3,171.00 3,188.50 -17.5 -0.5%
Stellar Diamonds 13.50 13.52 0.0 -0.1%

Polished and rough trading activity

POLISHED: Comparatively better activity in the local market as summer vacation comes to a close. The volatile dollar exchange rate is of concern. Traders remain hopeful for action at JCK Vegas.
-1 point: Good demand: +$100 whites.
-2 point: Good demand: $150-$300 whites.
Fair Demand: $350 whites.
2-7 point: Good demand: +$100 whites.
Fair Demand: $250-$350 OWTTLC
8-18 point: Good demand: -$400 whites.
Fair Demand: +$500 whites
20 points: Good demand: -$350 & +$600 whites.
25 points: Good demand: -$350 & +$700 whites.
33 points: Good demand: $300 - $500 & +$850 whites.
50 points: Good demand: $500-$700 & +$1000 whites.
75 points: Good demand: $700-$900 & +$2000whites.
1 carat+: Very good demand: +$1000 whites.
Good demand: -$1000 whites.
-3 point: Fair demand: $200-$250 whites.
+3 point: Fair demand: $250-$300 whites.
+9-18 point: Fair demand: $250-$350 whites.
20 point: Fair demand: $700-$750 whites.
25 point: Fair demand: $800-$850 whites.
50 point: Fair demand: $400-$700 & $1600-$1,800 whites.
75 point: Fair demand: $800-$1,200 whites.
1 carat+: Good demand: +$2,500 whites.
Fair demand: $1000-$2000 whites
-6 point: Fair demand: $250-$350 whites.
+7-18 point: Good demand: $250-$400 whites.
20 point: Fair demand: $250-$400 & $900-$1,000 whites.
25 point: Fair demand: $250-$400 & $1,100-$1,200 whites.
33 point: Fair demand: $250-$400 & $1,300-$1,500 whites.
50 point: Fair demand: $1,600-$1,800 whites.
75 point: Fair demand: $2,600-$2,800 whites.
1 carat+: Good demand: $300-$600 & +$1,000 whites.
Tapers & Baguettes
Fair demand: $600-$800 +5mm whites. $250-$325
2mm-2.5mm whites; $350-$400, 2.5mm-3mm whites;
             $400-$450 3mm-4mm, $500-$600 4mm –
             5mm & $175-$250 +2mm-3mm whites.
ROUGH: Trading is slow with some activity for mixed lots. Activity remains volatile though with fluctuation of the dollar.
1-5 point: Good demand: $85-$125 makeables; $95-$195 crystals.
$45-$75 makeables.
Fair demand: $7-$20 & $45-$90 OW TTLB & TTLC.
6-20 point: Very Good demand: $150-220 crystals; $100-$180 makeables.
Good demand: $60-$110 fancy shapes; $45-$75clivage.
Fair demand: $50-$90 OW TTLC & TTLB rounds.
21-50 point: Very Good demand: $190-270 makeables;
$110-$200 & $220-$290 crystals.
Good demand: $80-$190 fancy shapes;
$95-$200 rounds; $50- $90 clivage.
Fair demand $20-$40 OW TTLC & TTLB.
0.51-1.00 carat: Very Good demand: $170-$330 makeables;
$120-$250 & $280-$460 crystals.
Good demand: $80-$120 makeables;
$90-$200 fancy shapes; $55-$110 clivage.
Fair demand $60-$90 OW TTLC & TTLB.
1.01-2.00 carat: Very Good demand: $230-$580 rounds; $280-$735 crystals.
Good demand: $90-$120 clivage; $190-$370 all fancy shapes.
Fair demand: $140-$180 OW TTLC & TTLB.
2.01-3.00 carat: Good demand: $250-$1,000 makeables; $350-$1,300 crystals;
$400-$800 fancy shapes; $210-$300 clivage.
Fair demand: $100-$325 flats & TTLC & TTLB
$350-$800 OW.
5.00 carat+:  Good demand: $1,000+ makeables, crystals & all fancy shapes till L color.
Mixed Lot: Good demand: $2-$40.


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