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Martin Rapaport Addresses Israel Diamond Week
February 12 2020

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Julius Klein 22-carat yellow diamond ring at 2019
Video Blog: Insights from AGS Conclave
Watch the third installment of our video blog from the American Gem Society’s annual Conclave in Seattle, Washington. Avi Krawitz, Rapaport News Editor andSenior Analyst, discusses what’s unique about the event, and...
Polished Markets Apr 11, 2019 Avi Krawitz
AGS 150
AGS Conclave: Bricks, Clicks and Magic Tricks
Attendeesat this year’s annual American Gem Society Conclave, which took place April 23to 25 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, received an intense educationcovering a wide spectrum of industry issues, from lab-grown diamonds to salesdata and...
Polished Markets May 24, 2018 Jennifer Heebner
NCDIA Hosts Two Education Seminars at AGS Conclave
Press Release: The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is pleased to add to the educational program at AGS Conclave next month by sponsoring two interactive and engaging presentations by NCDIA’s director of education, Tom Gelb, “Identification of Diamond Treatments and Synthetics.”In his 20 years in the diamond industry, Gelb has...
Marketing Mar 28, 2013 NCDIA
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