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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
Sheltering in place 150
Gemstone Dealers Adapt to New Reality
The novel coronavirus has put the brakes on every aspect of gem trading around the globe, and the limit on international travel is one of the most notable setbacks. Miners, geologists and suppliers usually must...
Mining Sep 14, 2020 Diana Jarrett
Bright Spot
Bracing themselves for the worst at the JCK Las Vegas Show, many attendees and exhibitors actually left pleasantly surprised. The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) GemFair opened May 29, 2009, a day before the JCK Las Vegas show. Despite lowered expectations coupled...
Research Jul 01, 2009 Diana Jarrett
Defining Keshi
The increasing popularity of cultured pearls, along with the recent introduction of new cultured pearl varieties to the market, have heightened the importance of paying closer attention to their descriptions and definitions. This is especially true in the case of Keshi pearls, the exotic, organic gems whose widespread...
Retail Jun 01, 2009 Diana Jarrett
Giving Back
The rugged terrain of Kashmir produces some of the most desirable sapphires and one dealer has made it his mission to use those stones to benefit the impoverished communities in the area. When is a gemstone’s value worth more than simply the sum of its parts — specifically beauty, rarity,...
Polished Markets Apr 01, 2009 Diana Jarrett
Tucson 2009
Gemstone and jewelry connoisseurs alike depend on the AGTA GemFair, and the slate of annual shows that crowd around it in Tucson’s desert landscape every February, not only to alert them to design trends, gemstone discoveries and manufacturing advances, but also to provide insight on what the market...
Retail Mar 01, 2009 Diana Jarrett
Something New
Is there room for a small-scale mining group with a single, remote site to compete with the major players in a global gemstone market? The answer could be yes when the gemstone being mined turns out to be a one-source anomaly that comes with a color-change phenomenon and cat’s-eye properties to boot....
Gemstones Nov 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
Fair Enough
Before “going green” made the radar screen of eco-sensitive industrialists, a mining site near the mountainous Mugla province of Anatolia, Turkey, was operating with a concern for both the ecology of the region and for the area’s inhabitants who work by traditional mining methods. Murat Akgun,...
Retail Oct 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
Burma Ruby Import banned
To penalize the repressive Burmese ruling junta for its human rights abuses, the U.S. government has embargoed products coming from Burma since 2003. But for gem dealers, the broad language of those earlier sanctions permitted the importation of Burmese-origin gems that were cut...
Rough Markets Sep 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
Mining Their Own Business
Conflict is nothing new in Turkey, with its strategic location straddling Europe and the Middle East. Political strife there predates the Ottoman Empire. And yet, Turks admit that the recent military offensive into northern Iraq’s Kurdish territory is unsettling. As one national explains, “Who...
Retail Aug 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
The Truth About Colored Gemstones
Recent spikes in colored gemstone sales indicate the public’s growing admiration for pricey colored stones. While it’s impossible to track these statistics, Barbara Wheat, executive director, International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA), offers insight. “Designers are using colored stones more now because of the...
Mining Jun 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
Tucson 2008
Colossal crystal sculptures adorning outdoor public spaces throughout Tucson emphasize the importance of gem shows to this region. Aficionados mark theircalendars yearly for the pilgrimage to the eponymous Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows. The resulting annual migration for gem lovers and merchants balloons...
Retail Mar 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
The Sunshine Stone
Beryl, an important ancient group of colored gemstones, counts emerald as the most celebrated of its glamorous species. Aquamarine and the delicate pink Morganite are also beryl. The elusive red bixbite might be the priciest beryl, due to its extremely rare occurrence in any size whatsoever. But...
Retail Feb 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
The Queen of Gems
Long ago, all transparent red stones were called ruby — a derivative of “rubber” in Latin, simply meaning red stone. Surprisingly, until about 100 years ago, well-respected gemologists of their day might have privately confessed that they couldn’t always render a definite separation between ruby and...
Retail Jan 01, 2008 Diana Jarrett
Set in Stone
The lapidaries’ art is best showcased in intricate carvings with appeal for jewelry connoisseurs. The more things change, the more they remain the same, penned the renowned nineteenth-century journalist Alphonse Karr. And while the phrase may sound more profound, or at least more sophisticated,...
Retail Oct 01, 2007 Diana Jarrett
Island of Jewels
Abundant gems grace the island of Madagascar, but it faces the same challenges as other mineral-rich African nations. To the southeast of Africa, surrounded by the Indian Ocean, lies the world’s fourth-largest island, Madagascar. Sixty million years ago, Madagascar separated from the main land mass, forming...
Retail May 01, 2007 Diana Jarrett
What Color Was Christmas?
One of the best ways to see who bought what in colored gemstones this holiday season is to check out the independent brick-and-mortar jewelers around the country. Because they nurture close, enduring relationships with their clientele, this, in turn, keeps them attuned to what their customers want....
Retail Feb 01, 2007 Diana Jarrett
GIA Symposium Forum Encourages Social Responsibility
Making sure that the diamond industry is socially responsible in its global business practices was a recurring theme at the GIA symposium. The exhaustive array of educational presentations at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)’s 4th International Gem Symposium, which was held August 27 to 29 in San Diego, California, left...
Rough Markets Oct 01, 2006 Diana Jarrett
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