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De Beers Sorting
Rough Forward Contracts
The decision by De Beers to introduce forward contract sales through its auction platform is a stunning development in the rough diamond market. The announcement comes 11 months since Anglo American became the 85 percent majority owner of De Beers...
Rough Markets Jul 12, 2013 Avi Krawitz
Reduced Demand, Softer Prices at Diamdel’s July Auctions
Diamdel reported that buyer participation fell by about 10 percent in its latest round of rough diamond ‎auctions as the trade became more cautious. Diamdel sells approximately 10 percent of De ‎Beers production to Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholders...
Rough Markets Jul 19, 2012 Avi Krawitz
Diamdel Observes Steady Rough Demand in April
Diamdel concluded its latest rough auction, Diamdel Days, and observed that global demand held firm in April with India showing the most consistent growth. Diamdel's rough sale in April was 99.4 percent...
Rough Markets May 15, 2012 Dilipp S Nag
Diamdel's March Auction Sells 90% by Lot
Diamdel concluded its latest rough auction, which it calls "Diamdel Days," and observed that demand continued to gather momentum during March 2012 driven by emerging market buyers."Demand from buyers across all major markets...
Rough Markets Apr 19, 2012 Dilipp S Nag
Diamdel Dubai Commences Sales
Diamdel Dubai, established in August, is now fully operational, according to an announcement from De Beers today. Diamdel Dubai provides area businesses with the opportunity to purchase rough diamonds through online auctions.Rhyzard Bilimoria, Diamdel’s auction sales...
Marketing Mar 12, 2012 Jeff Miller
Diamdel's February Auction 93% Sold by Lot
Diamdel concluded its latest rough auction, which it calls "Diamdel Days," and observed that all major markets showed improved demand for rough goods with the greatest increase coming from buyers out...
Rough Markets Mar 09, 2012 Jeff Miller
Diamdel Sales Rise 30% in 2011
Diamdel sales rose 30 percent year on year to $405 million in 2011 as the De Beers subsidiary successfully expanded its online auctions. ''Further sales and pricing innovation and an unprecedented global expansion program enabled Diamdel to capitalize...
Rough Markets Feb 13, 2012 Avi Krawitz
Diamdel's Nov. Auction Observes Weaker Demand from India
Diamdel reported softness in demand from Indian rough diamond buyers during its November-December auctions, but noted improvements in other centers. Demand strengthened from buyers in Antwerp and Asia Pacific, held steady from buyers...
Rough Markets Dec 14, 2011 Avi Krawitz
Neil Ventura
Diamdel Spot Rough Demand Improves in November
Diamdel is expecting the spot market for rough diamonds to improve in the first quarter of 2012 after witnessing some stabilization in demand and prices during November. ''We would anticipate an improvement in demand for spot purchases...
Rough Markets Dec 07, 2011 Avi Krawitz
Diamdel to Open Office in Hong Kong
Diamdel will expand its sales presence across the Asia Pacific with a new office in Hong Kong. This set-up will allow more buyers in the region to purchase rough via Diamdel's online auctions, according...
Rough Markets Oct 12, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel Earns Ruban d’Honneur, Advances to Final Stage
The European Business Awards recognized more than 100 companies for the Ruban d’Honneur prize in the next to final round of this annual event. Ruban d'Honneur recipient Diamdel Antwerp was selected as one of 10 that...
Marketing Jul 29, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel's July Rough Auction Sells All 410 Lots
Diamdel sold all 410 rough diamond lots during its recent auction that ended on July 14. Goods on offer spanned near-gem quality, small sizes, grainers, 2-carat plus, and large product categories. Diamdel...
Rough Markets Jul 28, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel Advances in European Business Awards Competition
Diamdel Antwerp was selected as one of 10 businesses in Belgium to represent that nation in the European Business Awards competition. It marked the second consecutive year that Diamdel Antwerp made the first cut. This annual awards...
Marketing Jul 15, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel's Rough Auction Sells 251 of 256 Lots
Diamdel made 256 lots of rough available at its most recent auction, which ended on June 9, 2011. Goods offered spanned the near-gem, small, grainer, 2-carat-plus and large stone categories. The De Beers subsidiary concluded...
Rough Markets Jun 16, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel to Open Dubai Office
De Beers has received a license to open a Diamdel selling office in Dubai’s Almas Towers in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) free zone. “We anticipate that this expansion to our global network will offer improved access...
Rough Markets Jun 09, 2011 Avi Krawitz
Diamdel Sells All Lots Offered at April Auction
Diamdel offered and sold 218 lots of rough diamonds at its second cycle of auctions, which was held from April 13 through May 3, 2011. Diamdel noted that 161 different businesses participated and 72 companies placed...
Rough Markets May 06, 2011 Jeff Miller
De Beers Rough
Rough Demand from Israel, India Surge at Diamdel Auction
Diamdel sold all 214 lots on offer of rough diamonds during its second cycle of auctions, which were held between March 9 and March 28. The De Beers subsidiary observed that sales to small, specialist buyers...
Rough Markets Apr 01, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel to Process Applications in April
Beginning in April, Diamdel will process applications from companies wishing to register for its diamond auctions at: http://diamdel.com/Register/Registration will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis, as Diamdel has both a limited processing capacity and a significant number...
Rough Markets Mar 15, 2011 Jeff Miller
Diamdel Reports Unprecedented Demand at Feb. Auctions
Diamdel reported “unprecedented demand” at its February diamond auctions as 166 different companies submitted bids for stones. “Tight supply conditions and an unprecedented level of customer demand combined to deliver exceptionally competitive auctions, and most...
Rough Markets Mar 06, 2011 Avi Krawitz
Rough Struggles to Keep up With Demand
“The rough is burning” is an old industry expression that appears to summarize quite accurately the feelings by many in the trade regarding current conditions. Demand for small rough goods reportedly increased by more than 10 percent in recent weeks, to such an extent that the 100-per-carat rough can find buyers,...
Polished Markets Mar 01, 2011 Marc Goldstein
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