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Enso rings 150
Filling the Generation Gap
Adolescence is hard enough without having to deal with Covid-19 on top of everything. This year, teenagers are missing out on coming-of-age moments like proms, graduations and sports seasons. Slightly older ones are missing career...
Polished Markets Jun 23, 2020 Deborah Yonick
Matt Perosi
Diversity: A Business Opportunity
Having a workforce that is more diverse not only makes goodbusiness sense, it makes good economic sense. Companies with a more inclusiveemployee base — i.e., a greater proportion of women and ethnically/culturallydiverse individuals — are more competitive in the...
Polished Markets Oct 15, 2019 Deborah Yonick
RapMag May 2019 cover
What Women Want: Empowering Female Leaders
The movie What Women Want was on to something when itcame out nearly 20 years ago. In it, a hotshot playboy and advertisingexecutive wakes up from an accident with the ability to read women’s minds. Atfirst, he sees this...
Polished Markets May 08, 2019 Deborah Yonick
Onsite in Tanzania
Discovered in 1967, tanzanite is mined in one place on theplanet — in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in a deposit createdmore than 500 million years ago as Africa’s Rift Valley was forming. Thevelvety blue crystals, originally thought to be sapphire, were later identifiedas blue zoisite. Early on, the gemstone caught...
Gemstones Jun 01, 2012 Deborah Yonick
Ethiopian Opal
Gemstones Dec 01, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Shifting Sapphire Market
Sapphire, particularly blue, is the best-selling gem in themarketplace, most notably in the Western market. But recent changes in supply anddemand are transforming the sapphire business, particularly decliningproduction at the world’s most popular sapphire mines and greater demand fromemerging consumer markets like China, India and...
Gemstones Sep 30, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Emerald Reassessed
Although emeralds represent one-third of the “big three”group of precious colored stones, it is the other two gemstones in that trio —sapphire and ruby — that typically have received greater attention. Butemeralds have definite advantages, especially in today’s environment — they aremore affordable, have great profit potential for...
Gemstones Aug 30, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Colored Gems Profit
For many exhibitors at the American Gem Trade Association’s (AGTA) GemFair pavilion at JCK Las Vegas, sales surpassed their expectations for the first year in its new home at Mandalay Bay Hotel. Like all major moves, exhibitors were unsure if their new location would successfully...
Gemstones Jun 30, 2011 Deborah Yonick
ICA Tackles Tough Issues
How the global colored gemstone industry can promote fair trade practices and assure the legitimacy and responsibility of its products through the supply chain was the focus of discussions at the International Colored Gemstone Association’s 14th Biennial Congress, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from...
Gemstones Jun 01, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Spinel Steps Into the Spotlight
Durable, brilliant, more affordable than ruby and available in a variety of natural colors and large sizes, spinel is being touted by color gemstone dealers as an ideal gemstone. Consumers are finally appreciating spinel as more than just a collector’s stone and they are finding it in jewelry stores in an array of fine...
Gemstones May 01, 2011 Deborah Yonick
American Gems
American-mined gemstones — and their interesting backstories — give jewelers unique ways to distinguish themselves and offer a profitable market niche for those willing to learn about the gems and take stock in them. Many consumers are unaware that a broad range of gemstones is produced in our country. Among...
Gemstones Apr 01, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Buying Brisk in Tucson
Enthusiastic exhibitors used words like “epic,” “fantastic” and “surpassing expectations” to describe business at the all-important annual gem and jewelry trade fairs held in Tucson, Arizona, from January 30 through February 6. If perception is half the battle, things are looking good. Confidence has improved and the...
Gemstones Mar 01, 2011 Deborah Yonick
Happy Birthday to Sales
Colorful, personal, birthstone jewelry can be the perfect gift item for a variety of occasions year-round. So why aren’t retail jewelers taking advantage of its sales potential?One reason, explains Kate Peterson, president of Performance Concepts, Montgomery Village, Maryland, is that, by and large, few jewelers invest significantly in color....
Gemstones Dec 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Carribean Queen
Like a fine gemstone that combines a distinctive appearance with rarity, the conch pearl is beginning to capture the attention of the U.S. market. Consumers here have been slowly warming up to conch pearls, according to Daven Sethi, expert in natural conch pearls for the New York–based pearl company,...
Gemstones Nov 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Moon Beams
Admired for its warmth and inner glow, moonstone has caught the eye of a new generation of jewelry designers. What gives this feldspar gem its radiance and adaptability is the occurrence of schiller — a layered inclusion of different feldspar producing the phenomenon adularescence, the visual effect of reflected...
Gemstones Oct 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Beadless Pearls
In influx of saltwater pearls, characterized by an almost perfect appearance and often accompanied by reports describing them as natural, is arriving at gem labs for certification, sent in by dealers uncertain of their origin. The Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF) reports receiving large quantities of these pearls that after tests — including X-ray...
Gemstones Sep 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
AGA Red-Flags Ruby
A relatively new treated ruby that has entered the gemstone marketplace is causing great concern among industry experts. The lead-glass-filled ruby, warns Antoinette Matlins, a member of the Accredited Gemologists of America (AGA) Board of Governors, “is the most serious issue to confront our industry in the past...
Gemstones Aug 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Spending Wisely
Business was good for gem and pearl dealers at the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) GemFair Las Vegas, held June 3 through 7. Although traffic was lighter than expected, most exhibitors acknowledged that the mood was upbeat, and people were buying, albeit cautiously....
Retail Jul 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Can KP Stay Viable?
The annual intercessional meeting of the Kimberley Process (KP) ended in an impasse in Tel Aviv, Israel, on June 24, when members could not come to agreement on whether KP certification should be extended to diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields in light of alleged human rights abuses of miners in the area. In failing...
Fair Trade Jul 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
Award-winning jewelry designer Chi Huynh believes in transformation. His company, Galatea, founded in 1994, is best known for its carved cultured pearls and Diamond in a Pearl™ concepts. But his most recent transformational endeavor — the Galatea Pearl™ — goes to the very heart of how pearls are created.The...
Gemstones Jun 01, 2010 Deborah Yonick
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