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RollingMetrics Free Web-App Gives Businesses Greater Insight

May 20, 2011 7:21 AM   By RollingMetrics
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RAPAPORT... Press Release: Business around the world this week started using the latest web-app for tracking their annual turnover and gross profit. The fantastic new app, RollingMetrics gives businesses the ability to see their rolling annual turnover and gross profit, tracked monthly, and then benchmark their performance against other businesses in their industry or group.

The RollingMetrics graphs identify trends in income and gross profit percent. It removes seasonal variances and every point is comparable to every other point. Standard monthly charts can mislead and not give you a true indication of how a business is performing. With RollingMetrics the business has an insight into its current position. An insight it never had before.

RollingMetrics is very easy to use. All the business needs to do is enter just two figures (income and gross profit) each month. This three second routine that can be performed on phones, iPads, laptops or any device with Internet access gives incredible insight into the business and it's current performance.

The RollingMetrics individual business graph is a powerful app. And businesses can use the app for free, by signing up to rollingmetrics.com. In addition to the free tool, businesses can choose to benchmark their business against other businesses. This benchmark is very insightful. It allows the busines to see if their trend is also a trend in other businesses. If their rolling income is decreasing, it's a great tool to then see if it is just their business, or if the industry as a whole was also experiencing the same decline. This information is then key in helping the business take the correct course of action.

Rolling Metrics without benchmarking is free for all users. To benchmark the results is $1.99 per annum per benchmark group and $7.99 per annum per industry benchmark.

Businesses can sign up www.rollingmetrics.com.

Further Information:
RollingMetrics by Octahedron
website: www.rollingmetrics.com
email: benchmark-at-rollingmetrics.com


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