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Press Release: Bombay Diamond Jewellery Launches Millennial Campaign

Jun 1, 2015 3:23 AM   By Bombay Diamond Jewellery Company
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Press Release: Bombay Diamond Jewellery Company launched its Diamonds Dream In Color campaign at JCK Las Vegas at the end of last week. The campaign, geared to the millennial customer, is centered on the rarity and beauty of natural pink diamonds.

Bombay said that it possesses 40 percent of the natural pink diamonds on the market today. Since the launch of its Naturally Pink diamond product as a new category for Bombay at JCK Las Vegas in 2012, the company has maintained a steady and consistent distribution network of pink diamonds to its customers.

The new campaign, created by StarLuxe Luxury Branding founder Debra Puzio, is meant to capture the imagination of the millennial looking for something beyond typical diamond jewelry.

“Diamonds have been at the very center of millions of dreams for centuries," Puzo explained. "To consistently bring natural pink diamond jewelry to the consumer market is a luxury that will pique the curiosity of individuals seeking something with greater value than commodity-priced natural white diamonds.

"Pink has long been associated with love and romance. Offering this choice of natural color to a wide consumer market is sure to inspire the dreams and imagination of a whole new purchasing segment.” 

Diamonds Dream In Color is geared to retailers who are seeking to expand on their classic white diamond collections. The material is natural and in a color that offers an opportunity to showcase rarity and beauty.

“Pink diamonds of any size are rare by any measure,” said Nihar Mehta, principal of Bombay Diamond Jewelry. “We are using our position in the market to bring pink diamonds to the U.S. consumer and provide educational materials that will enhance the story behind these rare and beautiful diamonds.”

The styling uses pink diamonds ranging in size from 0.003 carat to 0.06 carat and range in color from light fancy pinks to intense pinks in brownish and purplish tones. Jewelry styling has been developed at key price points for all retailers.

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