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June 08 2020

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Lev Leviev
Report Links Leviev to Diamond-Smuggling Arrests
Lev Leviev’s businesses are embroiled in allegations of a diamond-smuggling ring involving relatives and employees of the tycoon.Six people were arrested on Monday, including Leviev’s son and brother, after an undercover investigation, according to Israeli media.A staff...
Financial-Legal Nov 05, 2018 Rapaport News
Global Witness CAR
Global Witness Urges Trade to Improve CAR Checks
Global Witness has called on diamond buyers to step up their due diligence when trading with the Central African Republic (CAR) so as to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the international market.Last month, the organization published...
Rough Markets Jul 12, 2017 Rapaport News
Diamonds Provide Ample Funding to Warlords in CAR
Even though the Central African Republic (CAR) has been suspended from the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme since May 2013, rough diamonds are the largest source of export revenue for the country,...
Fair Trade Jun 17, 2015 Jeff Miller
Israel Diamond Exchange
Indian Citizen Caught Smuggling Diamonds, Gold Into Israel
An Indian citizen was arrested at the border crossing from Jordan into Israel after being caught smuggling gold and diamonds worth several hundred thousands dollars, according to local newspaper Israel Hayom. Gold was...
Polished Markets Apr 09, 2014 Ronen Shnidman
Marange Rough
China Sonangal Denies Ever Buying Rough Diamonds From Zimbabwe
China Sonangal, which 100Reporters.com alleged was part of a diamond-smuggling operation in Zimbabwe, denied the charge of purchasing rough diamonds from Zimbabwe and added that it had not purchased any diamonds from the country. The...
Fair Trade Mar 04, 2013 Jeff Miller
Rough Diamonds
Zimbabwe Court Finds Israeli Pilot Innocent
Zimbabwe Magistrate Clever Tsikwa acquitted Shmuel Kainan Klein, an Israeli pilot, of allegedly possessing 8,486 carats of diamonds illegally with the intent to smuggle them out of the country. Tsikwa determined that the evidence presented...
Rough Markets Apr 27, 2012 Jeff Miller
Italy to Help Angola Combat Diamond Smuggling
Angola and Italy signed a framework agreement to partner on security measures specifically to fight organized crime and diamond smuggling, combat human trafficking and halt illegal arms deals. The agreement was signed Thursday in Luanda by Angola's Interior Minister, Sebastiao Martins, and Italy's Interior Minister, Annamaria...
Fair Trade Apr 20, 2012 Jeff Miller
Bharat Diamond Bourse
Jailed Diamond Traders Return Home After Two Years
Twelve Indian diamond traders arrived in Mumbai early Friday in the wake of being released from China after being detained for allegedly smuggling about $7.3 million in diamonds. Relatives of the traders and representatives of the...
Polished Markets Jan 06, 2012 Ricci Dipshan
Jailed Diamond Traders to Return to India on Jan. 6
Twelve of the 13 Indian diamond merchants who were arrested by Shenzhen customs officials for allegedly smuggling diamonds and later released by a Chinese court are expected to arrive in India, the Times of India reported. "An appeal has been filed against one of the 13 diamond merchants in the Chinese...
Financial-Legal Jan 02, 2012 Rapaport News
CDR Says Mpofu Must Resign Following Seizure of Smuggled Marange Rough
Following the arrest of two Indian nationals caught smuggling $2 million worth of diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange fields, the Center for Research and Development (CDR) called upon the country's mines minister Obert Mpofu to publicly apologize for the incident and resign his post. The...
Fair Trade Apr 27, 2011 Ricci Dipshan
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