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Gubelin nanoparticles
Gübelin Using Nanotech for Emerald Traceability
Gübelin Gem Lab has unveiled a radical solution for tracingthe origin of emeralds, using nanotechnology to mark stones with an invisibleimprint that is accessible at any stage of the supply chain.Branded the “emerald paternity test,” the technology...
Technology Mar 28, 2017 Rapaport News
Global Weakness Hits Antwerp Diamond Trade
Belgium’s polished diamond trade slumped last year due to an economic slowdown in India and China, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre(AWDC) reported.Polished exports slid 10 percent to $11.8 billion, whileimports fell by the same margin to $11.39...
Polished Markets Feb 01, 2017 Rapaport News
9,381-carat topaz
Record Flawless Blue Topaz to Go on Show
A 9,381-carat topaz will go on display at a London museumnext month.The world’s largest flawless blue topaz is scheduled toappear at the Natural History Museum’s minerals gallery from October 19.Measuring 15 centimeters long and 10.5 centimeters wide and...
Gemstones Sep 28, 2016 Rapaport News
Brazil Minerals Secures Permission to Mine Diamonds at a New License
RST Recursos Minerais Ltda., a subsidiary of Brazil Minerals Inc., secured a permit from local authorities that is valid for four years to initiate diamond and gold mining. Brazil Minerals is now preparing the ground work...
Mining Jul 13, 2015 Jeff Miller
CIBJO logo
CIBJO Issues Annual President's Report
CIBJO's president, Gaetano Cavalieri, released a report that documented the organization's action items over the past year, covering a range of subjects, including the state of small and medium-sized jewelry companies and ethical issues...
Marketing May 05, 2015 Jeff Miller
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Recovers Its Largest Rough Diamond to Date
Brazil Minerals Inc. stated that it has recovered its largest rough diamond to date, weighing 4.01 carats, and plans to sell it after cutting and polishing. The rough diamond was described as having "very good...
Mining Apr 06, 2015 Jeff Miller
CIBJO logo
CIBJO Arranges Special Tours for Congress Attendees, Guests
The 2015 CIBJO Congress, which takes place May 4 to 6 in Salvador, Brazil at the Sheraton da Bahia, opened registration for its pre-conference tours. A guided tour on May 2 will explore Salvador, focusing on the Cidade Baixa (low...
Marketing Apr 03, 2015 Jeff Miller
Press Release: Antwerp Diamond Industry Launches Offensive in Latin America
Press Release: After the Antwerp diamond industry made it a priority in recent years to conquer the Asian market, in 2015 it will target its offensive on Latin America. Brazil, in particular, has many opportunities with regards to diamond...
Mining Mar 11, 2015 AWDC
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Completes Purchase of Mineração Duas Barras
Brazil Minerals Inc. purchased and formally received title to the remainder of Mineração Duas Barras Ltda., an alluvial diamond and gold concession. Marc Fogassa, the chairman and CEO of Brazil Minerals, said, "Our original...
Mining Oct 07, 2014 Jeff Miller
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Raises Equity Interest in Mineração Duas Barras
Brazil Minerals Inc. completed the purchase and received title to another 13.13 percent of Mineração Duas Barras Ltda. (MDB) in Brazil, thereby increasing its current ownership to 86.88 percent. MDB mines diamonds and gold...
Mining Aug 15, 2014 Jeff Miller
Panama Diamond Exchange
Panama Diamond Exchange Signs Deal With Brazil Jewelry Association
Press Release: Brazil's leading jewelry industry association, Instituto Brasileiro de Gemas e Metais Preciosos (IBGM), will be taking up residence in the first phase of the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center when it opens later this year.The...
Polished Markets Aug 12, 2014 Panama Diamond Exchange
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Dramatically Increases Mineral Rights Acreage
Brazil Minerals Inc. added two mineral rights for diamonds and gold to its portfolio, adding 2,371 acres for total exploration program coverage of 3,775 acres. There was no stock issuance related to these transactions,...
Mining Jun 25, 2014 Jeff Miller
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Builds a Cutting, Polishing Facility
Brazil Minerals Inc. secured a proprietary facility in Brazil for cutting and polishing diamonds that are mined from its subsidiary, Mineração Duas Barras Ltda (Duas Barra). The mining company ramped up its polished...
Manufacturing Jun 16, 2014 Jeff Miller
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Brazil Minerals Sells First Batch of Polished Diamonds to Local Jeweler
Brazil Minerals Inc. sold the first round of cut and polished diamonds from its Duas Barras processing plant in Brazil to an unnamed jewelry chain, according to a regulatory filing. The mining firm added that the...
Polished Markets Feb 25, 2014 Jeff Miller
Pandora's 3Q Revenue +26%, Profit +61% to $110M
Pandora's revenue improved 25.7 percent year on year to $406 million (DKK 2.255 billion) for the third quarter that ended on September 30. Profit surged 61 percent to $110 million (DKK 612 million). Gross margin...
Financial-Legal Nov 12, 2013 Jeff Miller
Duas Barras Diamond Recovery Plant
Duas Barras Sells 1,663 Carats of Rough From Brazil
Mineração Duas Barras Ltda. (Duas Barras), a subsidiary of Brazil Minerals Inc., sold 1,662.65 carats of rough diamonds during the third quarter that ended on September 30, compared with 902.10 carats in the second quarter....
Rough Markets Oct 01, 2013 Jeff Miller
Brazil's Mining Framework Increases Diamond Mining Royalties
Brazil is expected to enact a new mining regulatory framework in June, according to the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper. The proposed legislation changes royalty payment calculations (known as CFEM tax) from net sales to one that is charged against gross sales. The revision would realize CFEM revenue of about $2 billion,...
Mining May 22, 2013 Jeff Miller
India's Young Sparks Rise in Online Retail Activity
India’s online retail activity is growing at a rate of 43 percent a year with women ‎increasingly active on the web, a recent study revealed. ‎Women account for about 40 percent of the approximate 125 million Internet users in ‎India, the joint research by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India ‎‎(ASSOCHAM)...
Retail Oct 30, 2012 Dilipp S Nag
Rough Diamonds
Global Rough Production Reaches a Plateau
Global rough diamond production has plateaued with declining output at the world’s major ‎mines and no significant new sources, according to a report by Metals Economics Group ‎‎(MEG).‎MEG noted that only two relatively small new...
Rough Markets Jul 31, 2012 Dilipp S Nag
a.t. kearney
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A.T. Kearney Report Ranks Emerging Online Retail Markets
Online shopping is changing how retailers develop their global expansion strategies. A.T. Kearney's E-Commerce Index reveals which developing markets hold the most potential for online growth.Retailers are constantly seeking new paths...
Retail Jun 27, 2012 Rapaport News
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