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Ilan Kaplan
How Cutters Can Maximize Profits
After 16 years of working as a manufacturer — 10 of which he spent as manager of Laurence Graff’s South African business Safdico — Ilan Kaplan decided to “turn on its head all the traditional thinking in the diamond industry.” Together with fellow rough-diamond...
Polished Markets Dec 29, 2019 Sonia Esther Soltani
Laurence Graff
Graff Profits Soar After Retail Expansion
Global store openings helped fuel a jump in revenue and profit at Graff Diamonds International last year, according to the luxury jeweler’s latest financials. Sales rose 22% to $692.8 million in 2017, while profit morethan tripled...
Retail Jun 12, 2018 Rapaport News
Safdico Botswana Recognized For Crucial Contribution to Botswana
Press Release: Safdico Botswana and the Diamond Technology Park's director and CEO Rutang Moses credited Safdico Botswana’s recognition by His Excellency, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, to the company’s visionary leadership...
Polished Markets Oct 12, 2014 Safdico
Rutang K. Moses
Profile: Rutang K. Moses
Safdico is a diamond company with facilities in Botswana, South Africa, Mauritius, Geneva, New York, London, Antwerp and Israel. Safdico launched the Diamond Technology Park (DTP) in Gaborone in 2009. Name: Rutang K. Moses From: Botswana...
Polished Markets Nov 27, 2013 Rapaport News
Graff Opens Second Leadership Center in Botswana
Laurence Graff's FACET (For Africa's Children Every Time) Foundation opened its second Graff Leadership Centre in Mochundi, Botswana in partnership with Stepping Stones International (SSI). The center is dedicated to creating a supportive environment through...
Marketing Oct 18, 2011 Deena Taylor
196ct Letseng
SAFDICO Buys Letšeng Special Diamonds for $23M
Gem Diamonds has sold two large rough white diamonds from its Letšeng mine in Lesotho for a total of $22.7 million, or $59,833 per carat. The stones weighing 196 carats and 184 carats respectively...
Rough Markets Nov 25, 2010 Avi Krawitz
Building Botswana
Parked outside the News Café in Gaborone, BMWs, SUVs and Peugeots line the street. Inside, the trendsetters of “Gabs,” as Botswana’s capital city is affectionately known, drink, dance and laugh while checking their latest smartphones, all in time with the music. Most of them are professionals,...
Rough Markets Sep 01, 2010 Avi Krawitz
Market Comments 7/8/2010
Trading activity slows, demand for rough eases and polished prices soften slightly as U.S. summer vacations begin. De Beers Diamdel unit sells 95% of 157 lots auctioned online in 2Q and says competition through 1H remained most intense for rough in 2 ct-plus sizes. SpendingPulse reports 10% rise...
Mining Jul 08, 2010
Rapaport TradeWire July 9, 2010
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | JULY 9, 2010 www.rapaport.com | news@rapaport.com...
Mining Jul 08, 2010 Rapaport
Safdico to Open Israel Office
Diamond manufacturing company Safdico will soon open an office in the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), the company's chief executive officer (CEO), Brian Gutkin, told Rapaport News. The office will be used as a sales and distribution location to buy and sell rough and polished diamonds, Gutkin...
Polished Markets Jul 06, 2010 Avi Krawitz
Hope Comes to Lesotho
The earth giveth and now Laurence Graff, who has profited enormously from the treasures taken from the earth, is giving back. In March 2010, Graff’s FACET Foundation — the charity takes its acronym from the phrase “For Africa’s Children Every Time” — opened its...
Mining May 01, 2010 Ettagale Blauer
A Cut to Profits
Beneficiation — the word is rough on the tongue and equally rough on diamond cutters. For Southern Africa, beneficiation represents the promise of jobs and a leveling of the playing field that is the legacy of apartheid, colonialism and economic exploitation. For New York cutters, beneficiation is a new cost of doing...
Rough Markets May 01, 2010 Ettagale Blauer
DTC's 2010 Sightholders
The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) announced on Monday that it has extended its contract with existing sightholders for an additional year, specifically until March 31, 2012. This decision means that a new list of sightholders will only need to be determined for the next supplier-of-choice contract period,...
Manufacturing Apr 12, 2010 Avi Krawitz
Safdico Looks to Bring Graff to Botswana
Safdico, a diamond manufacturing company that is partly owned by Lawrence Graff, is looking to open a Graff Leadership Center in Botswana following the opening of the first such establishment in Lesotho, the company reported on its website. “We would like to give something back to the country which gives us our remarkable...
Manufacturing Mar 16, 2010 Avi Krawitz
Rapaport TradeWire - Friday, December 04, 2009
Rapaport TradeWire® Friday, December 04, 2009 News: Bargain hunting dominated Black Friday as retailers competed to attract spending-conscious shoppers. Traffic down slightly, price points down. Sales flat with strong online growth where average ticket for jewelry +25% on Friday and +14% on Cyber Monday....
Mining Dec 04, 2009 Rapaport
Botswana Pushes Creation of Diamond-Trading Market
As the keynote speaker at the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) meeting in Antwerp in November, Dr. Akolang Tombale pulled no punches about his country’s ambitions within the diamond industry. Botswana, after all, is the world’s largest diamond producer by value and remains heavily dependent on the industry....
Mining Nov 30, 2009 Avi Krawitz
Ronald Friedman Speech Addresses the Big Stone Market
The following  speech was delivered by Ronald Friedman, president of the DMIA, at the Rapaport International Diamond Conference in New York on September 10, 2009. Honored guests, fellow speakers, ladies and gentlemen, Thank you, Martin, for the invitation to speak on behalf of the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association...
Rough Markets Sep 10, 2009 Ronald Friedman
Southern Africa Market Report
The effect that the global recession is having on the diamond industry is nowhere more evident than in Botswana, whose economy relies heavily on the sector. With annual diamond production at around $3 billion, diamond mining accounted for more than one-third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP)...
Mining Mar 01, 2009 Avi Krawitz
Diamonds in 2008: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
If there was any doubt, 2008 certainly proved we live in interesting times. To borrow from another clichéd Chinese saying,"the times have produced their heroes" -- as well as their villains. It was a year when sportsmen broke boundaries, politicians smashed glass ceilings, and businessmen became mere mortals at best....
Mining Jan 06, 2009 Avi Krawitz
Rapaport TradeWire - Friday, December 5, 2008
Rapaport TradeWire - Friday, December 5, 2008==============================================Rapaport Weekly Market Comments: Strong U.S. Thanksgiving-weekenddiscounts draw large crowds on Black Friday even as Nov. suffersrecord drop (-2.7%) in same-store sales. Lower-end diamond jewelrywith price points under $500 did well as retailers gave huge discountsto clear inventory. Total consumer...
Mining Dec 05, 2008 Rapaport
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