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Rough Markets
Polished Markets
A jeweler holding a diamond ring. (Shutterstock)
Could Covid-19 Reshape the Memo Market?
The Covid-19 shutdown and its consequences have caused many diamond wholesalers and jewelry retailers to reevaluate even the most basic business practices. Is there a new normal for memos as well? Memos, both short-...
Polished Markets Jul 06, 2020 Joyce Kauf
Joyce Trust Diamond 150
Trust Is Key for Ethical Dealing, Say Suppliers
Transparency is a growing goal for wholesalers, but there’sanother “T” word that may be even more important: trust. In an industry definedby long-abiding relationships, assurances of ethical sourcing depend heavily ona seller’s reputation for integrity. Opening...
Polished Markets Jun 19, 2019 Joyce Kauf
Holiday diamond
Now’s Too Late to Start Courting Retailers
Will the holiday season bring joy to wholesalers andmanufacturers? Traditionally, the industry looks to the fourth quarter to turna profit, but some are taking a longer view in hopes of making the holidayspart of a 12-month business.“All barometers...
Retail Nov 26, 2018 Joyce Kauf
U.S. Wholesale
Glad Tidings Expected for HolidayThe end of the summer signals a shift in the mind-set of U.S. diamond wholesalers as they begin to turn their attention to what most agree will be a robust holiday selling season. Yet it is still...
Polished Markets Oct 01, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Cosmopolitan Confluence
Just JulesThere has to be a confluence between the customers you attract and the merchandise you carry,” says Elaine Selo, explaining the retailing philosophy that she puts into practice at the Selo/Shevel Gallery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Along with co-owner Cynthia Shevel, Selo searches the...
Retail Oct 01, 2013 Joyce Kauf
U.S. Wholesale
Confidence Continues to ClimbConversations about the U.S. wholesale market are taking on a more optimistic tone. “It is going to be a strong September,” said Oren Sofer, a partner in Beny Sofer, Inc., a New York City–based supplier of diamonds and fine jewelry. “We are very positive,” agreed Virginie Ghighi, marketing...
Polished Markets Sep 04, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Creative Collaboration
Diamond and Gold Lunar Crescent earrings. ©2013 Thomas Michaels. An outpost of urban chic is not something that you might expect to find as you walk along Elm Street in the picturesque New England coastal town of Camden, Maine. “Every space must have a presence that puts you...
Retail Sep 01, 2013 Joyce Kauf
If the Clothes Fit…
Jordan Alexander Step into Marissa Collections in Naples, Florida, and youimmediately sense that a unique shopping experience awaits. The store’sdesigner and ready-to-wear collections are complemented by a range of finejewelry that is a chic alternative to traditional pieces. Coupled with expertassistance from the store’s stylists, Marissa Collections has...
Polished Markets Aug 01, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Moving Art
South Sea Glow pendant with golden South Sea pearls transitioning into Akoya pearls set in Spectra Gold. Photo by Hap Sakwa. From gold foil wallpaper to displays that appear to float in the air, Adam Neeley entices you into his stores — even before you see...
Retail Jul 02, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Hollywood Likes Us
Sugar and Champagne ring with white and brown diamonds in a platinum setting. Hollywood actresses love something striking,” explains Gail Kowalski, owner of retail store JBG Jewelry by Gail Inc., describing her award-winning designs favored by celebrities walking the red carpet. In fact, she credits the...
Retail May 31, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Teen Time
Scrabble tiles from World Trade Jewelers. Photos courtesy Lazar Advertising. The teen market is one of contradictions,” says MaryLeigh Bliss, trends editor at Ypulse, a youth marketing agency in New York City. “Teens were raised by Boomers, who taught them to buy, but they have been tempered...
Polished Markets May 31, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Diamond Historian Lord Balfour Passes Away
Lord Ian Balfour, the noted diamond historian, passed away on April 14. Lord Balfour was the author of "Famous Diamonds" that chronicled the history of some of the world’s legendary diamonds, including the Hope Diamond, the Cullinan I and the Koh-i-Noor, among many others. Lord...
Gemstones Apr 30, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Passion and Soul
Bug brooch, circa 1880, English. Antique jewelry has a soul,” says Beverly Forward, explaining the passion for antique and period jewelry that she shares with Stephen Forward, her British-born husband and business partner in Beverley R Ltd., their boutique located on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile....
Retail Apr 30, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Two Sisters
Single Stone When you walk into Greenwich Jewelers in New York City’s financial district, you immediately sense that you will discover something new. “We strive to be singular in the market,” explains Jennifer Gandia, co-owner along with her sister, Christina Gandia Gambale. Offering limited-edition...
Retail Apr 01, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Cause-related marketing reflects a more prosocial dimension in society to improve the common good,” says Stephen A. Greyser, professor at Harvard Business School. “The socially conscious consumer is growing. With social media, everyone is an activist,” notes Alison DaSilva, executive vice president, research and insights group at Cone Communications,...
Marketing Feb 26, 2013 Joyce Kauf
Slow Traffic, Serious Buyers
The 2012 JCK Las Vegas show opened on a wave of optimism. Itclosed on a positive note that translated into orders for immediate and holidayshipping for vendors on both the high and low ends of the market. Still, theoverall mood was one of caution, especially for those in the...
Polished Markets Jul 01, 2012 Joyce Kauf
The Future of Diamonds
Only a diamond can compete with a diamond — not a wannabe,”said Alex Grizenko, chief executive officer (CEO), Lucent Diamonds, in hisintroduction to the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) conference,“Through the Looking Glass — The Future of Diamonds.” However, natural diamondsnow coexist in the market with treated and synthetic diamonds,...
Polished Markets Jul 01, 2012 Joyce Kauf
Making The Connection
The exponential growth in social media, combined with theability to target promotions to a customer’s exact location and the expandinguse of mobile, has transformed the retail landscape. “It’s all about SoLoMo —the convergence of social, local and mobile,” says Lori Schafer, co-author withBernie Brennan of Branded! How...
Retail Jun 01, 2012 Joyce Kauf
The New Retail Reality
We’re in uncharted economic territory — both domestic andinternational,” said Robin Lewis, chief executive officer (CEO) and managingeditor of The Robin Report, a publication that provides strategic insights onretail trends and consumer products. Speaking at an executive-level summitorganized by Fashion Group International (FGI) and held in New York...
Retail Dec 01, 2011 Joyce Kauf
Ride the Wave of Change
China and India are the new America,” declared Martin Rapaport, chairman of the Rapaport Group, citing their accelerating demand for diamonds as the impetus driving higher diamond prices. Speaking at his annual conference during JCK Las Vegas, Rapaport explained that the rising price...
Polished Markets Jun 30, 2011 Joyce Kauf
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