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GECI Lab Trumpets Grading, Customer Education Services

Lab Says It Can Provide Clients With the Right Answers
Nov 13, 2014 9:35 AM   By GECI
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Press Release: The world of gemstones is evolving as market challenges grow more complex for the jewelry industry. Such examples include new and improving treatments of natural diamonds and colored gemstones, along with substantial results in the creation of synthetic diamonds that force the industry to reach out to a proficient gemological laboratory and to deepen one’s gemological knowledge, because only both expertise and steady updating can provide the right answers to the final consumer.

GECI Laboratory was launched with the aim of offering complete reliability and professionalism in the field of identification and grading of diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls. It is an independent and impartial entity and so are the evaluations stated in the Reports; evaluations made strictly in line with the global gemological standards (International Diamond Grading System®) and in compliance with national and international regulations.

Each Report is written in English and possesses identification and safety codes that make every single one unique and inimitable. GECI Lab is equipped with the highest level of gemological instruments and it has four different areas of analysis: diamonds, colored stones, pearls and jewels.

GECI Lab also offers a wide range of services created to meet every customers’ need, such as Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Type Report, Blister and Laser Inscription on the girdle for diamonds, or Colored Stone Grading Report and Origin Opinion for colored gemstones. All laboratory services are aimed at both final consumers and the trade, always in full respect of the customers privacy.

Furthermore, the in-depth education is one of our keys to success, allowing the Institute to offer customers a significant added value: the serenity and the confidence in their purchase. GECI educational philosophy comes from the knowledge of the professors, daily enriched by the experience of the laboratory and research: the educational programs are developed according to the latest news in academia and gemological research, all supported by innovative technologies.

"I have gained a lot from this world” says Alberto Osimo - GECI President “and now the idea that my Institute can give back the same opportunity to hundreds or thousands of people coming from all countries to study gemology fills me with joy and makes me feel as a player of the relaunch of the Gemological world. I firmly believe in this world, just as I strongly believe in certification, but in a serious, objective and not subjective certification through innovative technology and instruments and a team of highly qualified Gemologists in order to protect the final consumer; just as I believe in Marketing, developed by persons of the highest profile and professionalism.”

For further information
Phone: +39 02 84980022
info@geci-web.com - www.geci-web.com

GECI S.r.l.
Via delle Asole n.2 - 20123 Milano, Italy - Tel: +39 02 84980022 - Fax: +39 02 84980023
Mail: info@geci-web.com – Web: www.geci-web.com

Rapaport News is not responsible for, and does not endorse, the content of any third-party press release. This is not a Rapaport Press Release. It has been provided as additional information for our clients.
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