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Color Diamonds are the New Hit for the Holiday Season

Their popularity continues to grow thanks to recent events.
Nov 23, 2010 11:43 AM   By Scarselli Diamonds
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Press Release: A recent flurry of activity in the natural color diamond market is an indication of a strong holiday buying season according to one industry authority. Bruno Scarselli of Scarselli Diamonds in New York City noted that recent exhibits at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Smithsonian and high-profile, record-setting auctions have brought a new awareness to the value and beauty of the gems.

"The life that a color diamond brings to its wearer is an exquisite spectacle of beauty. There is nothing in the gem world that can compare. Plus they are an excellent investment," he said. Mr. Scarselli bases his opinions on the more than 80 years of experience he and his family have had with natural color diamonds.

"Recently an 11-carat blue diamond ring sold for more than $15 million and a pink diamond ring that is nearly 25 carats that sold for $46 million, plus there's the deep blue 31-carat, Wittelsbach-Graff diamond that was at the Smithsonian earlier this year and is now joined by the Kazanjian red 5.05-carat diamond - one of three five-carat red diamonds in the world - at the American Museum of Natural History. These high-profile events point to the trend that color diamonds are in demand," Scarselli added. 

Scarselli also has a collection on display at the American Museum of Natural History. "Our five stone Olympia Diamond Collection has been there for more than a year, and has been so popular that we've extended the collection three times."

Recognizing this upward trend, Scarselli has also been very active in the market, concluding its first color diamond tender in early November. It offered 300 diamonds in a range of sizes and colors.

"The larger stones received the greatest attention," Mr. Scarselli stated. "Yellow, pink and blue were the favored colors. We also had a select grouping of five very special color diamonds that each sold in the multimillion dollar range.

"To be ready for the increased demand for natural color diamonds for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season, we've expanded our collection to include virtually all possible spectrums of color diamonds -- yellow, red, blue, pink, orange and green in a broad range of carat weights," Mr. Scarselli concluded.

Scarselli Diamonds, Inc. is a third-generation owned and operated business known for more than 80 years for its expertise in finding, cutting and polishing and manufacturing GIA-rated natural color diamonds. To view the Scarselli Collection, please go to: www.scarselli.com, or call the company at 212/768-1877.

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