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Peregrine Recovers 0.88Cts per Tonne from Chidliak Sample

Jan 13, 2016 3:06 AM   By John Costello
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RAPAPORT... Peregrine Diamonds reported an overall diamond grade of 0.88 carats per tonne from an 814-dry tonne bulk sample from the Chidliak Diamond Project in Nunavut, Canada. The material was taken from the CH-7 kimberlite pipe at the mine, which it owns outright.

The Toronto-listed exploration company recovered 717.65 carats of commercial-size diamonds, including “53 diamonds one carat or larger and 183 diamonds over 0.50 carat in size,” according to a statement January 12. The largest individual gem was a 5.33-carat white octahedron with no inclusions.

Diamond breakage was high, with 75 to 90 percent of gems damaged, more than double what is typical for large-diameter reverse-circulation (RC) drilling programs, the statement said.

The breakage resulted in 10-percent to 40-percent loss of carat weight. It specifically affected high-quality gem or near-gem stones with few internal flaws that would have weighed two carats or more. The largest partially reconstructed gem-quality stone is estimated to have weighed more than 6 carats. A review is underway to identify and eliminate the source of the breakage prior to further use of the large-diameter RC drill, the statement said.

"While a certain amount of diamond breakage is to be expected in any large-diameter RC drilling program, the level of breakage observed in this bulk sample is abnormally high,” said Dr. Tom McCandless, an expert in diamond morphology and breakage analysis commissioned by Peregrine as an independent qualified person to analyze the breakage.
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