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Key Branding Questions

Sep 4, 2013 12:01 AM   By Lara Ewen
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If you’re ready to begin exploring your branding possibilities, these are the questions that branding professionals suggest asking yourself.

Philip Durbrow, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Marshall Strategy, an identity strategy company.
   • Who are you?
    What do you do?
   • Why does it matter, or, why is it better?
   • Who is your audience?

Jez Frampton, global CEO of Interbrand, a company that creates and manages brand values.
   • Does my brand have a clear purpose?
    Is my brand’s purpose credible? Is it based on an acknowledged truth that my
      organization can deliver against?
    Is my brand’s purpose relevant? Is the idea based upon something that drives
      purchases, something where the role of the brand is strong and the brand
      can deliver?
    Is the purpose distinct? Is the brand capable of differentiating itself from
      competitors and gaining market share in the process?
    Will my brand work for the business into the future?
    Do I fully understand how my brand makes money for my business?
    Is my brand truly in sync with my market?

Natasha Jen, partner at Pentagram, a global independent design consultancy.
    Are you happy about your audience base? Do you want to expand your base?
    How are you communicating with your audience? What are you using?
      Website? Facebook? Billboard? Do they work together to form a
      cohesive, coherent perception?

Russ Meyer, global strategy director at Siegel+Gale, a global strategic branding firm.
    What behavior are you trying to influence?
    What are the compelling needs that you can satisfy?
    What makes you noticeably different and better than the          alternatives/competitors?
    What is your compelling promise, how will you communicate your promise and
      where and how will you deliver on that promise?
    How can you do all this as simply as possible?

Daniel Rosentreter, chief strategy officer at FutureBrand, a brand strategy and
 experience company.
    Why do your employees come to work? And why do customers choose you?
    How are you making the world better?

Ian Stephens, principal at Saffron, a global brand consultancy.
    What’s the story of my brand?
    Why does the world need us?
    If we weren’t around, what would be missing?

Heather Stern, chief marketing officer for Lippincott, a global brand strategy
 and design firm.
    What is the purpose of your brand that goes beyond the product or service that
      you offer to speak to “the why” of your brand and its offerings?
    What makes your brand stand out from the competition?
    Is your brand consistent in its messaging across all consumer touch points?
    Is your brand easily recognizable to your target audience?
    Where do you see your brand in two, five and ten years?
    What areas are you excelling in? Which areas can you improve? 
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