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JA Names Spinel as New August Birthstone

Aug 1, 2016 11:11 AM   By Rapaport News
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Jewelers of America (JA), the U.S. trade body, is marketing spinel as an official birthstone for August.

The new birthstone, which comes in a variety of colors, was unveiled through a public relations and marketing campaign in print media, online platforms, social media, radio segments and email distribution, JA said. The decision was in response to requests from gem enthusiasts to include spinel on the list of birthstones and was made in cooperation with the American Gem Trade Association.

JA, which established the list of birthstones in 1912, is running a sweepstake to generate consumer awareness of spinel. The winner will receive a pair of 18-karat gold and red spinel earrings from Carelle’s Stacked Collection valued at $1,250.

“It is our hope that everyone will join together in announcing spinel as a new birthstone for August, and the industry will have one united voice and message about birthstones,” said David Bonaparte, president and chief executive officer of JA.
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