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Dubai Conference Tech Panel
Diamond Manufacturers Must Brace for Automation
Imagine the following: A diamond-mining company operating with self-driving trucks loads its haul of ore to the processing plant, where rough diamonds are separated from waste and arranged in their rough forms into different...
Manufacturing Oct 31, 2019 Avi Krawitz
Synova machine
Synova Launches Automated Cutter
A technology provider part-owned by De Beers has unveiled anautomated cutting machine that, it claims, will significantly speed up diamondmanufacturing and reduce costs. Synova’s DaVinci system is the market’s first automated instrument that can produce all...
Manufacturing Sep 26, 2019 Rapaport News
Synova 150
Synova Opens Cutting Center in Mumbai
Technology group Synova has opened a new diamond-sawingcenter in Mumbai, the company said recently. The hub — the Swiss manufacturer’s second in India —will provide laser-sawing services, stone analyses and machine demonstrations,which will speed...
Rough Markets Jun 05, 2018 Rapaport News
Dvash with Diamond
Israel Takes Its Cut from 813ct. Constellation
Theleaders of Israel’s diamond trade have been trying hard of late to showcase anddevelop the nation’s prowess in cutting larger stones. It was thereforeunsurprising that the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) proudly announced inNovember that local...
Mining Dec 13, 2017 Joshua Freedman
Synova Launches DCS 150 Diamond Sawing System
Press Release: Synova S.A., a leading manufacturer of diamond sawing systems, is now selling its new DCS 150, a smaller system to complement the highly popular DSC 300 series. “Equipped with a 40 micron nozzle, the DCS...
Manufacturing May 06, 2014 Synova
Synova Increases Revenue With Diamond Business Unit
Press Release: News clearly travels fast in the world of gem diamonds and it is now an open secret that the Laser MicroJet brings significant benefits to companies cutting (sawing) rough diamonds into polished gemstones. The Laser MicroJet is a unique, wet laser manufactured by Swiss company SYNOVA S.A....
Technology Aug 27, 2013 Synova
Synova Creates Business Units for Diamonds, Semiconductors, Industry
Press Release: Synova SA announced that it has organized its business according to market segments thereby forming three business units -- diamonds, semiconductors and industry. This will allow the company to focus on the specific customer and market needs of each business segment in employing its core Laser...
Technology Jun 15, 2012 Synova
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