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US Retail Sales Fall Amid Covid-19 Spike
US retail sales struck a disappointing note in November due to an uptick in coronavirus cases and the lack of a second government stimulus package.Revenues fell 1.1% month on month to $546.5 billion, though they were still 4.1% higher than...
Retail Dec 17, 2020 Rapaport News
U.S. May Jewelry Store Sales Decline 4% to $3B
U.S. specialty jewelry store sales fell 4.4 percent year on year to $2.703 billion in May, according to the latest government calculations. The decline was noticeable considering that preliminary sales of jewelry and watches across...
Research Jul 14, 2015 Jeff Miller
U.S. Jewelry, Watch Sales Flat in May
U.S. jewelry and watch sales across all channels were flat in May, up just 0.4 percent year on year, at $7.1 billion as estimated from preliminary government figures. According to Rapaport News calculations, jewelry sales rose...
Research Jun 25, 2015 Jeff Miller
Sales Associates Greatly Influence Wealthy Shoppers' Jewelry Purchases
Sales associates wield great purchasing influence over wealthy shoppers who visit a jeweler, according to proprietary research by the Luxury Institute, which measured buying habits across seven product categories. Furthermore, only a minority of wealthy...
Research Jun 23, 2015 Jeff Miller
pam danziger
Affluent Household Spending Descends Into a 'Luxury Drought'
U.S. affluent consumer confidence eroded further in the second quarter of 2015, according to the Luxury Consumption Index (LCI), a propriety survey conducted by Unity Marketing. The five key measures of how affluents feel about economic...
Research Jun 18, 2015 Jeff Miller
U.S. Jewelry Store Sales -2% to $2B
U.S. specialty jewelry store sales fell 2.4 percent year on year to $2.221 billion in April, according to government calculations. The decline at specialty stores was more pronounced than for the sector as a whole, as jewelry and...
Research Jun 11, 2015 Jeff Miller
brown & co.
U.S. February Jewelry Store Sales -5% to $3B
U.S. specialty jewelry store sales fell 5.4 percent year on year to $2.72 billion in February, according to government calculations. The sales decline was much more severe than the preliminary totals anticipated for jewelry...
Research Apr 14, 2015 Jeff Miller
Shopping Mall
U.S. Consumers Need to Hear From Socially Responsible Retailers
The third annual Conscious Consumer Spending Index, which measures U.S. consumers' appetite for corporate social responsibility, found that 32 percent of shoppers intend to spend more with socially responsible companies this year. The...
Research Apr 09, 2015 Jeff Miller
nrf 2
NRF Creates Retail Research & Analysis Center
The National Retail Federation (NRF), the largest U.S. organization that represents retailers, invested several million dollars in creating a Retail Research and Analysis Center, which will serve as a hub for economic and consumer...
Research Apr 09, 2015 Jeff Miller
nrf 2
Survey: U.S. Consumers Plan to Save Their Tax Refunds
Nearly 66 percent of U.S. consumers anticipate receiving a tax refund this year and 46.9 percent plan to apply all or some of these funds to their savings, the highest percentage to date, according to the National Retail Federation...
Research Feb 20, 2015 Jeff Miller
fashion island
NRF Forecasts Retail Sales Will Increase in 2015
The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecast that retail industry sales, which exclude automobiles, gas stations and restaurants, will increase 4.1 percent in 2014. Non-store sales in 2015 are forecast to grow between 7 and...
Research Feb 12, 2015 Jeff Miller
Valentine's Day heart and jewelry
IBISWorld Expects Valentine's Day Sales to Improve at Jewelry Stores
IBISWorld estimated that those who celebrate Valentine's Day in the U.S. would collectively spend $1.602 billion on gifts at jewelry retailers this month, representing a year-on-year increase of 5.6 percent. Across all product categories, IBISWorld...
Marketing Feb 09, 2015 Jeff Miller
fashion island
December Jewelry & Accessories Gift Spending to Increase Slightly
With a little more than one week before Christmas gifts are open in the U.S., at least in the traditional sense, IBISWorld anticipates that season-specific gift spending will increase 1.8 percent year on year to $54.79...
Marketing Dec 16, 2014 Jeff Miller
NRF: 24% of U.S. Gift Shoppers Plan to Buy Jewelry or Precious Metal Item
The National Retail Federation (NRF) determined that 24 percent of U.S. consumers who buy gifts for the Christmas season intend to purchase jewelry or a precious metal accessory this year, according to Prosper Insights & Analytics...
Research Nov 13, 2014 Jeff Miller
NRF - Black Friday
NRF's Intentions Survey Finds 25% Desire Jewelry or Precious Metals Gift
U.S. consumers who purchase gifts during the 2014 Christmas season anticipate spending an average of $596.53, according to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) annual holiday intentions survey. The anticipated figure represented an increase of 6.9...
Research Oct 20, 2014 Jeff Miller
NRF - Black Friday
NRF Predicts Consumer Spending to Increase 4% for Christmas Season
The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that U.S. Christmas-season retail sales will increase 4.1 percent year on year to approximately $619.9 million for the months of November and December 2014. The projected increase...
Research Oct 07, 2014 Jeff Miller
U.S. Consumer Confidence Index +13%
U.S. consumer confidence rose 13 percent year on year to 90.9 points (1985=100) in July, according to the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®. The Index was also up from 86.4 points in June. Compared with one year...
Retail Jul 29, 2014 Jeff Miller
The Conference Board logo
U.S. Consumer Confidence +5% in June
The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index® rose about four points to 85.2 (1985=100) in June compared with one year ago. In addition, the Present Situation Index increased from 69.2 points to 85.1 points; however,...
Research Jun 24, 2014 Jeff Miller
rodeo drive
U.S. Affluent Households Adopt Austerity Measures
U.S. retailers that market to affluent households will need to be at the top of their game this year to convince consumers to spend. Affluent consumer confidence dropped in April to levels that have not been seen since late...
Research May 06, 2014 Jeff Miller
The Conference Board logo
U.S. Consumer Confidence +21% in April
The Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index® jumped 21 percent year on year to 82.3 points in April, while the Present Situation Index rose 30 percent to 78.3 points and the Expectations Index was up 16 percent to 84.9. Nonetheless,...
Research Apr 29, 2014 Jeff Miller
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