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Synthetic colored diamonds
De Beers Scores Partial CVD Patent Victory
A court has awarded a limited victory to De Beers’ synthetic-diamond production unit in a patent dispute with Singapore-based grower IIa Technologies.IIa infringed an Element Six patent related to diamond material that’s usable for lab-grown diamond jewelry and...
Financial-Legal Feb 09, 2020 Rapaport News
WD Lab Grown Diamonds
WD Sues Diamond Growers over CVD Patents
The companies behind WD Lab Grown Diamonds have filed three lawsuits against competitors, accusing them of infringing patents for diamond synthesis and treatment. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, a science organization, and M7D Corporation,...
Financial-Legal Jan 12, 2020 Rapaport News
Lockheed Martin Patent for 3D-Printing Diamonds Da
Lockheed Martin Files Patent to 3D-Print Diamonds
Aerospace company Lockheed Martin filed a patent for making syntheticdiamonds from 3D printing.3D printing can create a diamond drill bit with “almost anygeometry,” as well as other industrial objects such as brake pad insertsand lightweight armor,...
Technology Aug 21, 2016 Rapaport News
Scio Diamond
Scio Diamond Gets 28th Patent for Lab-Grown Stones
Scio Diamond Technology Corporation, a producer oflab-grown diamonds, got its 28th patent for gemstone production from chemicalvapor deposition (CVD) diamond plate.“This is thelatest addition to our extensive patent portfolio, which ensures broadintellectual-property protection...
Technology Feb 08, 2016 Rapaport News
IIa Technologies
IIa Technologies Denies Infringement of Element Six Patents, Vows to Fight Claims
Lab-growndiamond producer IIa Technologies denied it infringed on patents owned by a DeBeers company and vowed to “challenge the validity” of the patents.Pledging to defend itself against claimsfrom De Beers synthetics business Element Six, Singapore-based IIa said itis...
Financial-Legal Jan 24, 2016 Rapaport News
Element Six
De Beers Subsidiary Starts Legal Action Against IIa Technologies for Patent Violation
ElementSix, De Beers' synthetics business, began legal action January 12 in Singapore against IIa Technologies,alleging an infringement of patents.Some patents for proprietary synthetic diamondproducts and their manufacturing method have been infringed, in particularSingapore patent numbers 115872...
Financial-Legal Jan 13, 2016 Rapaport News
US Patent and Trademark Office logo
Press Release: Frederick Goldman Receives Three New Patents
Press Release: Frederick Goldman Inc., one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in North America, today announced three new patents granted by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, further expanding the portfolio of new, innovative...
Financial-Legal Mar 19, 2015 Frederick Goldman
US Patent and Trademark Office logo
U.S. Issues 'Science of Sparkle,' 'Fancy Truffle Diamonds' and Other Trademarks
The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the trademark "Science of Sparkle" on March 3 to Electronic Commodities Exchange LP of White Plains, New York with registration number 4696388. The firm is operated by Abraham Klein, Martin...
Financial-Legal Mar 11, 2015 Jeff Miller
West Gains Injunction Against Unauthorized Seller of Tungsten Carbide Rings
Press Release: Trent West, the owner of nine patents related to the concept and manufacture of Tungsten Carbide rings in the U.S., has gained an injunction against Bijou Max LLC of Los Angeles, California, prohibiting the...
Financial-Legal Apr 11, 2014 Trent West
US Patent and Trademark Office logo
USPTO Assigns 'America's Leading Online Jewelry Store'
The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) approved the trademark ''America's Leading Online Jewelry Store'' for Gold & Diamond Source Inc. of Clearwater, Florida, with the registration number 4489716 on February 25.Gold...
Financial-Legal Mar 05, 2014 Jeff Miller
USPTO Issues 'Love's Ultimate Expression' to Rosy Blue
The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued the trademark ''Love's Ultimate Expression'' to Rosy Blue Jewelry Inc. of New York on May 1. The trademark, which was given the registration number 4135520, was originally filed on September 20, 2011. Love's Ultimate Expression was approved...
Financial-Legal May 04, 2012 Jeff Miller
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