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WD synthetic
Synthetics Maker WD Gets Cash Injection
Private-equity firm Huron Capital has made a “significant”investment in WD Lab Grown Diamonds, forecasting sharp growth for the companyand the synthetics sector. The injection of funds will help WD expand its capacity toproduce lab-grown diamonds...
Financial-Legal Jan 08, 2019 Rapaport News
Top 10 2018 montage
Top 10 Stories of 2018: A Year of Synthetics
This was the year in which synthetic diamonds wentmainstream. De Beers launched its Lightbox brand, the US Federal TradeCommission (FTC) relaxed its rules for describing lab-grown diamonds, andthe likes of Macy’s and JCPenney started...
Polished Markets Dec 18, 2018 Joshua Freedman
IBM holiday sales
IBM Predicts 5% Rise in Holiday Jewelry Sales
IBM has forecast strong growth in jewelry sales over theholiday retail season amid robust consumer sentiment. Purchases in the category will rise an estimated 5.2% yearon year during the festive period, IBM vice...
Retail Nov 25, 2018 Rapaport News
JCPenney Richline Grown with Love
Major US Retailers Embrace Synthetic Diamonds
Lab-grown diamonds will feature at some of the largest US retailers this holiday season, with J.C. Penney, Macy’s and Jewelry Television (JTV) anticipating strong growth in the category. Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Richline Group will...
Retail Nov 01, 2018 Rapaport News
J.C. Penney’s Holiday Sales Jump
J.C. Penney saw a 3.4% increase in comparable-store sales — those at branches open forat least a year — during the holiday period, led primarily by strongperformances in the home, beauty and fine-jewelry sectors.The figures were for the...
Retail Jan 07, 2018 Rapaport News
JC Penney smartwatches Oct 2017
Smart Watches to Boost JCPenney Jewelry Sales
JCPenney has launched a selection ofsmart watches in its stores as part of a re-branding of its jewelry department.Electronic timepieces from brands includingSamsung and LG will appear at 245 stores and on its e-commerce platform aheadof the holiday season,...
Watches Oct 22, 2017 Rapaport News
Holiday Sales to Gain From Post-Election Certainty
U.S. holiday season forecasts for retail improved as increasedcertainty after the presidential elections is expected to bolster sales. Commentatorshave, however, warned about the extent of any potential upturn.“Having certainty on that [elections being over] is probablya...
Retail Nov 15, 2016 Rapaport News
jcpenney jewelry
J. C. Penney Boosts 4Q Revenue on 'Successful' Holiday Season
J. C. Penney’s revenue rose 2.6 per cent to $4 billion inthe three months to January 30, the retailer reported.Comparable store salesadvanced 4.1 percent year on year in the fourth fiscal quarter that included a“successful” holiday season.However,...
Retail Feb 29, 2016 Rapaport News
jcpenney jewelry
J.C. Penney’s 3Q Revenue +5%, Loss Cut to $137M
J.C. Penney reported that revenue increased 5 per cent to$2.9 million year on year in the third quarter that ended October 31.Same-store sales increased 6 per cent.The company cut its loss by 27 percent to $137 million,according...
Retail Nov 15, 2015 Rapaport News
JCPenney's Same-Store Sales +4% for Christmas Season
J. C. Penney Company Inc. reported that same-store sales improved 3.7 percent year on year for the nine-week Christmas season, which included November and December. JCPenney reported same-store sales growth of 3.1 percent for...
Financial-Legal Jan 06, 2015 Jeff Miller
JCPenney Highlights Modern Bride Diamond Vault for Engagement Season
JCPenney is promoting its exclusive Modern Bride Signature Collection for those who are planning an engagement during the all important Christmas season with a new Modern Bride Diamond Vault at jcpenney.com. JCPenney designed the...
Marketing Nov 03, 2014 Jeff Miller
JCPenney Notes Good Demand for Fine Jewelry, Narrows Loss to $172M
J.C. Penney Company Inc. reported that revenue increased 5.1 percent year on year to $2.8 billion in the second quarter that ended on August 2, while same-store sales rose 6 percent. The retail giant reported a loss...
Retail Aug 14, 2014 Jeff Miller
jcpenney jewelry
JCPenney Sales +6%, Loss Grows to $352M in 1Q
J.C. Penney Company Inc. reported that sales rose 6.3 percent year on year to $2.8 billion in the first quarter that ended on May 3. Same-store sales increased 6.2 percent. Cost of goods sold rose 2.9...
Financial-Legal May 15, 2014 Jeff Miller
jcpenney jewelry
JCPenney's FY Revenue -9%, Loss Tops $1B
J.C. Penney Company Inc. reported that revenue fell 2.6 percent year on year to $3.78 billion for the fourth quarter that included the Christmas season and ended on February 1. However, JCPenney's cost of goods...
Financial-Legal Feb 26, 2014 Jeff Miller
JCPenney Anticipates 4Q Same-Store Sales Rose 2%
J. C. Penney Company Inc., which has experienced a 71 percent year-on-year decline in its share price, provided a preliminary sales recap for the fourth quarter. Same-store sales for the months of November and December rose 3.1...
Retail Feb 04, 2014 Jeff Miller
JCPenney to Close 33 Stores, Eliminate 2,000 Positions
In its latest effort to reduce costs and improve earnings, J. C. Penney Company Inc. will close 33 underperforming stores in the U.S. to focus operating resources on its highest potential growth opportunities. JCPenney anticipates that the store...
Financial-Legal Jan 15, 2014 Jeff Miller
jcpenney jewelry
Positive November Comps Encourage JCPenney
J. C. Penney Company Inc. informed investors after the market closed today that its preliminary comparable-store sales for November rose 10.1 percent year on year. The beleaguered retailer was eager to share the news...
Financial-Legal Dec 03, 2013 Jeff Miller
jcpenney jewelry
JCPenney's 3Q Revenue -5%, Loss Surges to $489M
J.C. Penney Company Inc. reported that its revenue fell 5.1 percent year on year to $2.78 billion in the third quarter that ended on November 2; however, the retailer held cost of goods sold relatively flat...
Financial-Legal Nov 20, 2013 Jeff Miller
jcpenney jewelry
JCPenney Warns of Lower Gross Margin But Sales Signal Improvement
J. C. Penney Company Inc.'s conversion improved in October compared with one year ago due in large part to the retailer's focus on restocking and the return of key promotional marketing events. JCPenney stated that the average...
Retail Nov 07, 2013 Jeff Miller
JCPenney Joins Shopkick Rewards App
J. C. Penney Company Inc. partnered with shopkick, a shopping app that rewards shoppers for simply walking into stores. The deal was timed for the key Christmas retail season so that JCPenney shoppers will...
Technology Oct 25, 2013 Jeff Miller
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