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pure grown diamonds
Pure Grown Diamonds Debuts 'Pure Champagne' Collection
Pure Grown Diamonds, formerly Gemesis Inc., launched a new website, which is now optimized for desktops, tablet and mobile devices. The company is also debuting its pure pink diamonds that range in color from...
Marketing Oct 21, 2014 Jeff Miller
pure grown diamonds
Gemesis Changes to 'Pure Grown Diamonds Inc.'
Gemesis Inc. rebranded the company as Pure Grown Diamonds Inc. effective June 27. Pure Grown Diamonds will continue to provide man-made diamonds to the retail and wholesale trade. The newly appointed CEO, Lisa...
Gemstones Jun 27, 2014 Jeff Miller
Gemesis Appoints Bissell as Pres. & CEO
Gemesis Inc. appointed Lisa Bissell as the company's new president and CEO. The company defined Bissell as a highly-regarded name in the industry with 26 years of experience. Bissell was with M. Fabrikant & Sons for 19 years,...
Gemstones Jun 25, 2014 Jeff Miller
Gemesis, FIT Select Jewelry Design Winners
Press Release: Gemesis – the world’s principal distributor of gem-quality lab-grown diamonds – today announced the winners of its recent jewelry design competition held in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).FIT jewelry design students...
Gemstones Apr 24, 2014 Gemesis
Gemesis Adds 'Fan Favorite' Component to Design Competition
Press Release: Gemesis – the world’s principal distributor of gem-quality lab-grown diamonds – today announced the start of the “Fan Favorite” portion of its recently launched jewelry design competition in partnership with the Fashion Institute of Technology...
Gemstones Mar 10, 2014 Gemesis
Gemesis, FIT Partner on Jewelry Design Competition
Press Release: Gemesis – the world’s principal distributor of gem-quality lab-grown diamonds – today announced the company’s sponsorship of a jewelry design competition for students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Students enrolled in FIT’s Jewelry Design...
Gemstones Feb 13, 2014 Gemesis
MiaDonna Partners With Gemesis to Offer Lab-Grown Diamonds
MiaDonna, which offers man-made and simulated ''Hybirds'' gemstones and recycled gold in its jewelry collections, has partnered with Gemesis to offer high-quality, type IIa colorless and fancy color lab-grown diamonds to consumers. Through...
Gemstones Jan 21, 2014 Jeff Miller
Gemesis Introduces Fancy Pink Collection
The Gemesis Diamond Company, producer of lab-grown diamonds and jewelry, added a fancy pink collection to its ecommerce Gemesis.com channel. The new palette of pinks includes "blush" and "brilliant" shades. Gemesis previously only offered...
Gemstones Oct 25, 2013 Jeff Miller
synthetic diamonds
AG&J Alerts Trade to Synthetics Being Sold as Natural Type IIa Browns
Press Release: The New York-based gemological lab Analytical Gemology & Jewelry (AG&J) warned the trade of new, harder-to-detect chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamonds being sold as natural, type IIa brown stones. A batch...
Gemstones Aug 08, 2013 AG&J
M. Geller, Gemesis Partner on Distribution Deal
Press Release: Loose diamond wholesaler M. Geller Ltd. announced that they have entered into an agreement as an authorized distributor for Gemesis, the world’s principle distributor of gem-quality colorless and fancy color lab-created diamonds. According...
Marketing Aug 02, 2013 M. Geller
Gemesis Presents 'World’s Largest, Whitest Lab-Created Diamond'
Press Release: Gemesis Diamond Company, the world’s principal distributor of high-quality lab-created diamonds and jewelry, currently offers a 1.29-carat, E color, VVS2 clarity, emerald-cut diamond – the world’s largest, whitest lab-created diamond – on Gemesis.com. This...
Gemstones Apr 23, 2013 Gemesis
Gemesis Partners With Plant-It 2020 for Earth Day
Press Release: Gemesis Diamond Company — the world’s principal distributor of high-quality, lab-created diamonds and jewelry — today announced a partnership with Plant-It 2020, a non-profit foundation that provides worldwide tree-planting services, in honor of Earth Day...
Marketing Mar 28, 2013 Gemesis
Hollywood Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Gemesis Diamonds
Press Release: Following its participation in GBK Productions’ Oscars Celebrity Gift Lounge, the Gemesis Diamond Company made its Oscar debut on the red carpet. The lounge – an opportunity to gift and introduce brands to celebrities...
Gemstones Mar 05, 2013 Gemesis
Gemesis Realigns For Growth
Press Release: Gemesis today announced that Stephen D. Lux has stepped down as the company’s chief executive officer. The director of marketing, Martin DeRoy, said, “We at Gemesis are operating business as usual and would...
Gemstones Dec 20, 2012 Gemesis
GJEPC Issues Statement on CVD Synthetics Found in Labs
Press Release: This past week the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and Diamond Trading Company (DTC) issued alerts to the diamond community, informing them of undisclosed submission of CVD synthetics to grading laboratories in Belgium, India...
Polished Markets May 24, 2012 GJEPC
Gemesis Enhances Online Marketing Effort
Gemesis Diamond Company is in full production for lab-created colorless and fancy yellow diamonds and it sells direct to the public at www.gemesis.com. The company is promoting the advantages of lab-created stones to consumers online through its public...
Gemstones Mar 13, 2012 Jeff Miller
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