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June 08 2020

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Growing up with Gen Z
Growing Up with Gen Z
Despite all the nights of lost sleep over whether millennials will still want to buy diamond jewelry, it turns out this group is not so dissimilar to previous generations. Generation Z, though — now aging into relevance — is a different...
Polished Markets Jun 16, 2020 Rachael Taylor
Sally Morrison
Sally Morrison Returns to Natural Role at De Beers
De Beers has appointed Sally Morrison director of public relations for natural diamonds. The long-serving branding specialist has been chief marketing officer for the company’s lab-grown line, Lightbox, since 2017.Based in New York,...
Marketing May 18, 2020 Rapaport News
hang gold jewelry WGC 150
Gold-Jewelry Demand Hits Eight-Year Low
Global gold-jewelry demand dropped 10% year on year in the fourth quarter to its lowest level since 2011 due to economic slowdowns in India and China, the World Gold Council (WGC) reported.Appetite for gold jewelry...
Polished Markets Feb 03, 2020 Rapaport News
Weak Demand Dents Sales at China’s Kingold
Sales and profit at Kingold Jewelry decreased in the secondquarter as the China-based gold supplier noted a decline in demand for itsbranded jewelry. Total revenue dropped 12% year on year to $598 million inthe three months ending...
Mining Aug 11, 2019 Rapaport News
Bridal Sales Bolster Titan Growth
Sales at India’s Titan Company increased in the first fiscal quarter, but growth was weaker than the jeweler had expected due to challenging conditions in the domestic market.Revenue climbed 16% year on year to INR 52.08...
Retail Aug 07, 2019 Rapaport News
Gold Demand
India Gold-Jewelry Demand Jumps
Global demand for gold jewelry rose 2% year on year to 531.7tonnes in the second quarter amid an expansion of the Indian market, theWorld Gold Council (WGC) reported. Appetite for gold jewelry in India climbed 12% to 168.6tonnes...
Retail Aug 05, 2019 Rapaport News
Gold demand
Indian Wedding Demand Boosts Gold Sector
Global demand for gold jewelry rose 1% year on year to 530.3tonnes in the first quarter, buoyed by strong demand from the Indian market,the World Gold Council (WGC) reported Thursday. The market for gold jewelry...
Retail May 02, 2019 Rapaport News
Gold Q3
Lower Prices Boost Gold-Jewelry Demand
Global demand for gold jewelry rose 6% year on year to 535.7tonnes in the third quarter, as reduced prices drove consumer purchasing, theWorld Gold Council (WGC) said. Orders for gold jewelry in India climbed 10% to 148.8...
Polished Markets Nov 06, 2018 Rapaport News
Gold 150
India Dents Global Gold-Jewelry Demand
Global demand for gold jewelry fell 2% year on year to 510.3tonnes in the second quarter amid a weaker Indian market, the World GoldCouncil (WGC) reported last week. Appetite for gold jewelry in India fell 8% to 147.9...
Retail Aug 06, 2018 Rapaport News
Gold Jewelry Sales Increase 150
India Drives Rise in Gold Jewelry Demand
World demand for gold jewelry grew 4% year on year to2,135.5 tonnes in 2017, boosted by growth in India, the World Gold Council (WGC) reported Tuesday. India saw annual growth of 12% to 562.7 tonnes, led by strongmomentum...
Mining Feb 06, 2018 Rapaport News
Winners of Gem Awards Named 600
2018 GEM Award Winners Chosen
Jewelers of America picked the winners of its 16th annual GEM Awards, held on Friday in New York. Irene Neuwirth of Irene Neuwirth Jewelry won in the jewelry-design category for her modern style using raw, unmanufactured...
Polished Markets Jan 22, 2018 Rapaport News
Sally Morrison
Sally Morrison to Receive Top GEM Award
Jewelers of America (JA) will honor high-profile diamondmarketing consultant Sally Morrison with a lifetime-achievement prize at itsGEM Awards ceremony next year.The accolade goes to individuals who have “accumulated acareer’s worth of contributions to the fine jewelry...
Marketing Jun 04, 2017 Rapaport News
India gold jewelry
India Boosts Global Gold Jewelry Demand
Global gold-jewelry demand increased in the first quarter, driven by a reawakening in India, the World Gold Council (WGC) said in its quarterly report ongold trends.Overall demand for gold jewelry advanced 5% to $18.85 billion, and by volume...
Retail May 08, 2017 Rapaport News
India gold jewelry
India Braces for Ban on Large Cash Deals
India’s ban on high-value cash transactions could damagerural gold demand or spur growth in the black market, the World Gold Council(WGC) warned.From April 1, the government will cap cash purchases at $4,493(INR 300,000) as it continues its...
Retail Mar 09, 2017 Rapaport News
RDR Gold Rush
Gold Price Hike Dampens Jewelry Demand
A bounce in gold pricesand sluggishness in India and China drove global jewelry demand lastyear to its weakest level since 2009, according to the World Gold Council(WGC).Global demand fell 15 percent to 2,041.6 tonnes in 2016, aseven-year low,...
Retail Feb 05, 2017 Rapaport News
India Jewelry Consumer
Gold Body Sees Latent Jewelry Demand in India
India’s growing middle class is driving gold jewelry demand in the country but urbanization is causing a shift in buying trends among consumers, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). “Given India’s growth trajectory, per-capita income...
Research Jan 24, 2017 Rapaport News
Gold bars
Gold Set to Shine on Stronger Asian Demand
The World Gold Council (WGC) predicted gold prices will continue to rise in 2017 as growth in Asia and political uncertainty in the west are expected to support demand. “Not only will gold remain highly relevant...
Research Jan 16, 2017 Rapaport News
Gold Bars
Gold Jewelry Demand Falls as Price Jumps
Global demand for gold jewelry dropped 9 percent to $17.98billion in the second quarter, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). Byvolume, demand slumped 14 percent to 444.1 tonnes. Demand in the first halfsank to $36.3 billion, its...
Financial-Legal Aug 14, 2016 Rapaport News
Gold bars
Gold’s Stellar Move This Year Set to Continue
Gold is expected to extend its impressive run this year asinvestors use the yellow metal to hedge portfolio risk, according to the WorldGold Council (WGC).The price of gold breached $1,360 per ounce for a secondtime in 2016,...
Financial-Legal Aug 04, 2016 Rapaport News
Gold bars
Gold Jewelry Demand Slides as Prices Rise
Global demand for gold jewelry slumped in the first quarter asthe price of the metal rose and Indian jewelers went on strike, according tothe World Gold Council (WGC).Demand slid 19 percent to 481.9 tonnes in the...
Financial-Legal May 16, 2016 Rapaport News
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