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De Beers Venetia 150
De Beers Sales and Production Drop
De Beers’ sales volume fell 15% to 7.5 million carats in thefirst quarter, as overall demand for lower-value rough goods remained soft.Production for the three months ending March 31 dropped 8%to 7.9 million carats due...
Mining Apr 28, 2019 Rapaport News
De Beers Extends Jwaneng Mine Life
Debswana, De Beers’ joint venture with Botswana, has launched a new project set toextend the life of its Jwaneng mine until 2035. The Cut-9 expansion, which will cost Debswana approximately$2 billion, is expected to produce...
Mining Mar 18, 2019 Rapaport News
Jwaneng Chief to Head Debswana
Debswana, De Beers’ Botswana joint venture, has appointedJwaneng mine chief Albert Milton as managing director. Milton will take up the position on December 1, succeedingBalisi Bonyongo, who is retiring, De Beers said Wednesday. Bonyongo will remainat Debswana...
Mining Nov 22, 2018 Rapaport News
De Beers
De Beers Production and Sales Slide
De Beers’ production fell 5% to 8.7 million carats in thethird quarter due to planned reductions in mining volumes in Botswana and SouthAfrica. The miner processed lower-grade ore at its Jwaneng mine inBotswana, resulting in overall output for Debswana...
Mining Oct 23, 2018 Rapaport News
De Beers Botswana 150
De Beers, Botswana Prep for New Sales Deal
Botswana once again finds itself at a crossroads. The sparsely populated,landlocked country is in a constant battle to ensure the longevity of itsdiamond industry.Recognizing that diamond mining will not last forever, thegovernment’s beneficiation program has sought to establish...
Mining Jul 09, 2018 Avi Krawitz
Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
De Beers Sales Volume Jumps After Market Recovery
De Beers total rough diamond sales grew 77 percent by volumein the third quarter, reflecting improved trading conditions compared with aslump in demand a year ago.The miner said it sold 5.3 million carats in the threemonths that...
Mining Oct 25, 2016 Rapaport News
Jwaneng Operations
De Beers Sales Volume Soars
De Beers sales volume spiked in the first half as diamond manufacturers restocked inventory that had depleted toward the end of last year. Sales surged 29 percent from a year ago to 17.2 million carats, while average...
Rough Markets Jul 20, 2016 Rapaport News
De Beers Mining Area 1 Namibia
De Beers Reduces 1Q Output by 10%
De Beers diamond production slid 10 percent to 6.9 millioncarats in the first quarter as the miner reduced output in response to marketconditions.Production from Debswana, a joint venture with the Botswanangovernment, fell 5 percent to 5.3 million carats in the three...
Mining Apr 21, 2016 Rapaport News
Jwaneng Operations
De Beers 1H Sales Volume Slumps 26%, Average Price Jumps 7%
De Beers rough diamond sales by volume fell 26 percent year on year to 14 million carats in the first half of 2015, Anglo American reported. The company explained that the sharp decline reflected low levels of restocking by diamond...
Rough Markets Jul 16, 2015 Avi Krawitz
Venetia Mine
De Beers Profit and Revenue Soar in 2014
De Beers underlying earnings jumped 74 percent year on year to $923 million in 2014, according to Anglo American’s share in the diamond company, as growth was driven by higher rough diamond prices and lower operating costs. “For this...
Mining Feb 13, 2015 Avi Krawitz
De Beers 2Q Production +7%
De Beers production rose 7 percent year on year to 8.515 million carats in the second quarter of 2014, Anglo American reported. The increase was largely due to higher output at the company's Venetia mine, following pit flooding...
Mining Jul 17, 2014 Deena Taylor
Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
De Beers 1Q Production +18%
De Beers production rose 18 percent year on year to 7.532 million carats in the first quarter of 2014, Anglo American reported. The increase was largely due to easy annual comparisons since one year ago, production was...
Mining Apr 24, 2014 Deena Taylor
Jwaneng Operations
Debswana to Consider Another Pit Expansion at Jwaneng
The Jwaneng mine, the world's richest mine by value, is considering another project to extend the mine's life. Jwaneng's general manager, Alan Milton, said that the new project, known as Cut-9, could come before...
Mining Nov 07, 2013 Deena Taylor
Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
De Beers 2Q Production +10%
Anglo American reported that its second quarter diamond production from De Beers grew 10 percent year on year to 7.931 million carats. The increase reflected improved grades at the Orapa and Jwaneng mines, offset by lower...
Rough Markets Jul 18, 2013 Deena Taylor
Philippe Mellier
De Beers to Appoint Chairman in July
De Beers will appoint a new chairman at its next board meeting in mid-July, according to its CEO, Philippe Mellier, who spoke to the press on Wednesday.“Our next board meeting is three weeks from now and it will be the...
Mining Jun 26, 2013 Avi Krawitz
De Beers Rough
De Beers Diamond Production +24% in 4Q
De Beers diamond production rose 24 percent year on year to 8.051 million carats during the fourth quarter that ended on December 31, 2012, dramatically improved by the resumption of operations at Jwaneng mine in Botswana. A slope failure incident...
Rough Markets Jan 25, 2013 Dilipp S Nag
Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
Lower Diamond Production
Predicting the diamond market can be tricky at times, particularly for those on the supply ‎side of the pipeline. Miners, generally loath to scale down operations, have ‎understandably been treading cautiously in 2012.‎The pledge made last...
Mining Jul 27, 2012 Avi Krawitz
Jwaneng operation
De Beers Reports Fatality at Jwaneng Mine
De Beers reported that a fatality occurred at Debswana’s Jwaneng mine on June 29. ‎Motshwari Raseiteo, 34, died when the Jwaneng pit experienced a slope failure, or a sudden rock or wall collapse, at ‎the Cut 6 side of the mine...
Mining Jul 08, 2012 Avi Krawitz
Jwaneng Mine, Botswana
Debswana to Build Tailings Treatment Plant at Jwaneng
Debswana's board is considering installing a tailing treatment plant at its Jwaneng mine in ‎Botswana. ‎ Executives at the company are scheduled to approve the project that would enable ‎access to 39 million tonnes of ore and is expected to produce 800,000...
Mining Apr 23, 2012 Deena Taylor
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