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Top 10 2018 montage
Top 10 Stories of 2018: A Year of Synthetics
This was the year in which synthetic diamonds wentmainstream. De Beers launched its Lightbox brand, the US Federal TradeCommission (FTC) relaxed its rules for describing lab-grown diamonds, andthe likes of Macy’s and JCPenney started...
Polished Markets Dec 18, 2018 Joshua Freedman
Cards Aainst Humanity.
1.5ct. Synthetic Diamond Sells for $32
Cards Against Humanity, famed for its politically incorrect party games,sold a lab-grown-diamond engagement ring for 99% off on Black Friday — butinsisted it wasn’t about to make a splash in the synthetics sector. The 1.5-carat stone from...
Retail Nov 28, 2018 Joshua Freedman
Polished diamonds
Brilliant Earth Ends Dispute with YouTuber
Brilliant Earth has terminated legal proceedings againstJacob Avital, an online critic of the ethical-diamond supplier, after athree-month defamation case.Avital, who runs a jewelry resale business, published avideo on YouTube in April, calling into question Brilliant...
Financial-Legal Nov 01, 2017 Rapaport News
Diamond crushing
Diamond Crushes It in YouTube Test
A GIA-graded natural diamond survived an attempt by videostunt men to crush it with a hydraulic press.Makers of YouTube channel 'Hydraulic Press VS' show aGIA-certified round brilliant, 0.25-carat, F-color, SI1-clarity diamond beingplaced under a crusher. To their delight, the...
Polished Markets Jan 02, 2017 Rapaport News
Rapaport TradeWire Apr. 16, 2010
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | APRIL 16, 2010 www.rapaport.com | news@rapaport.com...
Mining Apr 15, 2010 Rapaport
Rapaport TradeWire Mar. 19, 2010
RAPAPORT NEWS SERVICE | MARCH 19, 2010 www.rapaport.com | news@rapaport.com...
Mining Mar 18, 2010 Rapaport
Diamond News Broadcast
Statement from Brilliant Earth: Visionary leaders in the diamond industry are reacting to recent events in Zimbabwe that illustrate the failures of the Kimberley Process (KP), which the industry relies on to prevent diamond sales from funding conflict. In recent weeks, it has become clear that blood diamonds...
Rough Markets Mar 17, 2010 Rapaport News
No Dirty Gold Report Reflects Progress
With Valentine's Day on the way, the No Dirty Gold campaign told consumers that dozens of jewelers were taking innovative steps to provide gold jewelry made in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner as a report published today by Earthworks, "Tarnished Gold: Assessing the Jewelry Industry's Progress on Ethical...
Retail Feb 10, 2010 Jeff Miller
NGOs Pressure Target Corp. to Join 'No Dirty Gold' Campaign
Earthworks and Oxfam America reminded consumers six days before Valentine's Day of which retailers signed up with the No Dirty Gold campaign. Eleven new jewelry retailers lent support to No Dirty Gold's Golden Rules criteria for socially and environmentally responsible mining practices, bringing the total...
Retail Feb 08, 2007 Jeff Miller
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